Vongdeuan Resort Koh Samed [Hotel Review]

A few days ago we visited Koh Samed. It was the first time in quite a while for me. Here’s my review of the resort we stayed at, the Vqngdeuan Resort.

Overall review of Vongdeuan Resort:

Nice location. Certainly more quiet than Haad Sai Kaew. The restaurant staff is nice too. However the staff at the reception is quite unfriendly and not welcoming at all. As many other comments suggest that’s mainly due to the fact that they only care about foreign tourists and less about locals. The overall cleanliness (construction sites, work stuff spread out across the cottage area) could be also better and the cottages would need some renovation. It’s not terrible by all means but for the price and the fact that VR advertises with it’s travel website awards I expected more. Especially from the unhelpful front desk / reception staff. None of them was eager to help answer questions or give directions at all and every time we borrowed a beach towel we seemed to disturb them. Hence: Vongduean Beach is nice. This resort not so much.

Here now the more detailed break down:

Arrival at Vongdeuan Resort:

Upon arriving at the VR office in Rayong you’re greeted with a smile (at least from the trainee) and some complimentary water. They then tell you to wait for their boat to leave and once its time a motorcycle will pick you up and bring you to the pier. When we arrived we’ve only been two passengers and had to climb over two boats in order to reach ours. No help by the crew or staff. No problem for us, but worth mentioning since Vongdeuan Resort claims it’s a 4 star resort.

The boat ride is then quite ok. Nothing much to talk about. Which also shows: The staff, once again, didn’t care about us at all.  Upon arrival at the resort the same picture: No helping hand when leaving the boat, no directions, nothing.

Reception Vongdeuan Resort

When we arrived the reception staff of Vqngdeuan Resort couldn’t have cared less. No smile, no ‘hello’, nothing. When reading other reviews of this resort we figured out that many Thais complained about this kind of behavior before. The resort staff only seems to be nice to foreign tourists but not to locals. What the actual heck?

Location Vongdeuan Resort

The location is the only thing that deserves 4 stars. It’s good. Really nice and quiet. But so are all other resorts in this bay as well.

Accommodation Vongdeuan Resort

Its not that Vqngdeuan Resort is super dirty or anything but for a resort that claims to be a 4 star venue and for the price they ask for a cottage there I would have expected more. The cottages look, from the outside, a bit fucked up and would need some renovation. Furthermore there are construction sites all over the resort which simply make it look ‘dirty’.

Bathroom Vongdeuan Resort

The bathroom has a see through roof which sounds fancy but is actually just some cheap plastic and hence quite noisy when it rains. Moreover the bathroom was quite dirty when we arrived. Apparently because they cleaned the roof before and so the dirty fell into the bathroom (!?!). They cleaned it quickly after we mentioned it but shouldn’t they have seen that when checking the bathroom before? Besides that the shower was pretty weak and it was almost impossible to take a relaxing shower since only a little bit of water came out of the shower head. Moreover there where lots of Mosquitos in the bathroom which were very hard to get rid of.

Bed Vongdeuan Resort

The bed was pretty basic. It was ok but again for a 4 star resort with that price it was disappointing. Two normal pillows and two small pillows. I had better bed equipment in resorts / hotels that cost less.

Again lots of Mosquitos in the living room / bedroom. No mosquito nets on the door which wouldn’t let you open the door for fresh air at all.

Veranda Vongdeuan Resort

The veranda consists of a small table and two crappy plastic chairs. That’s ok for a guesthouse style bungalow but for a 4 star resort?

WiFi Vongdeuan Resort

If one was able to connect to the WiFi it was ok, I guess. Didn’t happen to often though.

Food Vongdeuan Resort

The food, we only tried the breakfast buffet, was good and the staff in the restaurant was actually nice (finally!). Eggs, waffles and pancakes weren’t really good but the rest was decent and one of the highlights at the resort.

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