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Non Immigrant Visa Thailand

Finally it all worked out. 3 days before the planned take off to Bangkok I finally got my visa. All I had to do was to travel all the way to Munich to see the Thai Consulate, prepare everything, pay 130 bucks and being nice to the wonderful lady who is in charge of the Thai Consulate in Munich. And there we go: The Non Immigrant Visa valid for one year is there.

So what did we learn from this?

1.) Even though if the guys in Thailand say they will take care of everything: do it yourself!

2.) If you are German, go to Munich. They might not have a website in the internet, but are way faster than Frankfurt or Berlin. Thx again to the fastest consulate lady I have ever seen!

Since I only had to 2 hours of sleep last night, I’m not able to tell any better stories right now but I am looking really forward to the flight on Monday. Let’s get this thing going!

sabai sabai.

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