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Vientiane Cafe Review: Little G Cafe – Talat Sao 2

When hanging out in Vientiane and waiting for my bus back to Thailand I usually have to spend some time in cafes (or somewhere else) to waste the time until my journey starts. Mostly I choose places with cold drinks and wifi which narrows it down to the obvious Starbuck or True Coffee spots. This time however I decided to sit down at the Little G Cafe at Talat Sao 2 Shopping Mall.

While this isn’t a great atmosphere like at the Mekong or something similar it still is a nice place. Nicely decorated with old wooden furniture and some easy listening music.What’s even better: The staff is incredibly friendly and funny and the wifi is a dream.

People are nice and funny. Wifi is working. Prices are ok compared to true coffee or starbucks. They even ask if you want things sweet (thai and laos style) or not to sweet (farang, foreigner style). All in all a great place to waste some time, get some work done or simply have some fun with the local staff. I’ll be back, little g cafe!

Sascha Funk

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