Vero – the ‘instagram killer’?!

As the instagram competitor, Vero is now also slowly catching on in Thailand after having experienced a pretty impressive surge of users all across the world over the past few weeks, it’s worth looking into the ‘killer app’ that promises so much. It started off very well but has also seen lots of deletions as of late with several news reporting on the ‘dubious’ CEO and potential fees that might be rolled out soon.

What makes Vero better than instagram?

Over the past few weeks Vero quickly jumped up to more than 3,000,000 users. Many analysts say the believe that’s because instagram users become more and more upset with the application and are longing for something ‘better’. Users want an add free, chronological, feed. Vero offered just that.

Besides just offering that straight forward feed Vero, obviously, added a few more cool features. You can share links, music, videos, books, etc + you can even add links to your status updates / picture posts. Moreover you can even decide who sees what as you can share your posts with different kinds of groups whose privacy you control.


We recently learned via the news that Vero was built by several Russian developers which rang lots of alarm bells (not being racist here :P). Some of them are said to have been involved in other projects that aimed on stealing data before – so there’s something to think about.

The founders, of course, say there’s nothing to worry about and all they do is care about great user experience…..

Vero’s Terms of Service are the devil!

Not really. They are rather similar to everybody else’s in the social media world. They aren’t as privacy friendly as they want you to believe but they aren’t as bad as many news sources make them out to be.

Now that’s a bit annoying! Deleting your Vero account isn’t that simple. You have to submit a formal request via the firm’s website, wait for a response (few minutes – few days waiting period), then delete the application from your smartphone or tablet. And then you’re out.

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