Thailand’s school children paint Hitler – say what?

This video made the rounds in Thai social media today. It was quickly removed after the outrage started so I’m quite certain that this copy that I included in this post will disapear soon as well.

The story about the video: It’s a video that highlights the principles of the current Thai government and shows what children should learn at school (not commenting on that idea of propaganda movie here) and at around 0:54 you can see a Thai kid having finished a painting of Adolf Hitler. Yes. That Hitler.

Question now: Is it real? Or was it done by someone trying to undermine the government? Given the history of Nazi & Hitler incidents here in Thailand (Chulalongkorn Uni showing Hitler amongst superheroes, Nazi parade in Chiang Mai,…) one can not completely rule out that this video was actually planned like that.


The video caption reads:

A propaganda movie made on the instructions of Prayuth Chanocha, who took power in Thailand by means of a coup d’etat. The movie intends to laud the General’s so-called 12 precepts but features an inexplicable, albeit brief, segment in which a student is seen painting a portrait of Adolf Hitler (~ 0.54s in).This brought rapid and widespread criticism and the movie was quickly removed from YouTube. So … here it is … for consideration by the Motion Picture Academy …

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