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Thailand Valentine’s Day Get-aways

V-Day is coming close. And as we already learned, Valentine’s Day is a big thing here in Thailand. That now brings up the question regarding what one should do on this oh so wonderful cheesy day.

Something that usually is a good idea is getting away from all the trouble and business that is Bangkok and hiding out somewhere romantic. In order to help you wow your significant other brings you a list of all our favorite romantic Valentine’s Day get-aways. You’re welcome (and let us know how it worked out in the comments).

Romantic Valentine’s Get-aways in Thailand

As always with holidays and trips it depends on what you expect and what you want to see. The beach is obviously a very popular choice since it’s romantic by default. Night sky, stars, the soft sound of waves in the background. Awwww. So let’s first check some of the most romantic beach get aways for Valentine’s Day in Thailand.

Romantic Valentine’s Beach Get-aways in Thailand

1.) Hua Hin

Hua Hin is quite close to Bangkok and I applaud you for not thinking about going to Pattaya. Hua Hin however is not much better and if you really want to wow your partner you either go all in in Hua Hin (meaning: Awesome resort / hotel that doesn’t require you to leave at any time – might be just what you were looking for, right? :P) or you avoid it and go somewhere else. Somewhere nice.

2.) Krabi

3.) Prachuap Khiri Khan

4.) Koh Nang Yuan

Time to hit an island here in our Top 5 list. Islands are always romantic and therefore it’s understandable that many couples choose islands as their romantic beach getaway. However islands are usually always a bit more of a hustle to reach and therefore one should think twice before starting all the travel that is involved.

A very common island for short trips close to Bangkok is Koh Samed. Since Samed (there’s a saying in Thai that reads like this: “Pai Samed, set took rai” which roughly translates “go to Samed, get laid” -sorry if that is not a perfectly SFW translation) is so popular among Bangkokonians (yes, still a thing) I would recommend to find another island gem.

Valentine’s is mostly not about adventure but about spending romantic quality time and that’s why Koh Nang Yuan made it onto this list. KNY (making this a thing now) is quite close to Koh Tao and even though I would not recommend to go to Koh Tao anymore (read: Why I stopped going to Koh Tao) KNY is quite a beautiful piece of island and a perfect spot for some romantic time. You might want to reserve your accommodation there before you arrive since it’s really small but, as mentioned, also really beautiful. If you go there just make sure to not go to Koh Tao afterwards and promise me to make saying KNY a thing.

5.) Koh Similan – Similan Islands

Chance are high, when you’re on holidays in Thailand, you, at some point, end up on Phuket or around that area. While Phuket itself is not really cool you are already close to a small paradise which would still allow you to wow your partner and make him or her melt.

The Similan Islands are just a quick speedboat (or a bit of a longer, more romantic, sail trip) away from Phuket and will offer you a super romantic setting (as long as you don’t go with a huge group, but that goes without saying I guess – especially on Valentine’s Day).

6.) Koh XYZ

So now honestly. Most islands can hold some romantic value when done right. Since I’m not affiliated with any hotel or tour provider on any islands we can be honest here – you can make most islands awesome. Some just need a bit more effort than others. So my advice in case KNY or the Similan Islands aren’t an option for you, avoid Koh Samui (and Koh Tao!), Phuket, Samed,  and all those other huge main hubs but other than that you’ve got lots of choices. If there’s any island in particular that you’d like to know, simply shout out (or ask here on fb) and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p. with some insights and tips for that specific islands.

In case you are a non-swimmer you might want to avoid the sea – Thailand also got you covered in this case.

Romantic Valentine’s Non-Beach Get-aways in Thailand

1.) Chiang Mai

The rose of the north. It’s not a secret tip or off the beaten path but it does have a certain kind of charm. Especially when you check out the mountains surrounding Chiang Mai for a a romantic get-away and then, after returning, you could hit the night market or walking street. CM never disappoints and is always a solid spot for a short trip – also during Valentine’s Day.

2.) Pai

Quiet. Nature. Beauty. Pai. ‘Nough said.

3.) Chiang Rai

Further up North than Chiang Mai. Very close to the border with an amazing (white) temple that makes a perfect spot for a romantic Valentine’s trip. Clear air, sunflowers, no regrets. CR (not 7) is definitely one of the highlights away from the sea.

4.) Laos

Vientiane, Vang Vien, Luangprabang. Laos has also a lot to offer and if you’ve been in Thailand for a while you might simply want to experience a little bit of a different atmosphere. So why not check out the little brother in the North? Food, people & nature are awesome and will make for a romantic and hustle free trip.

5.) Kanchanaburi

Close to Bangkok – in case you don’t want to spend too much time traveling. River Kwai (with the bridge that leads over it). Waterfalls, camp sites, historical railway, cute accommodation. Perfect for a short one or two nights trip.


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