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Thailand. Unplugged. – Saree Jitta – Personal Trainer with a story

Ladies & Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! Once more I would like to welcome you to another interview here on Besides being pretty intersting it also marks the first iteration of’s “Thailand. Unplugged.” vlog & podcast series. Which means you can not only read about the interview but actually also watch it on youtube or listen to it on soundcloud.

Saree Jitta – Personal Trainer with a story

When talking about her life story and the changes she’s made, Saree usually starts to talk about the time in Australia where she lived for seven years. She worked in Sydney and only came back to Bangkok when her dad got very sick. As tragedy would have it her dad would eventually pass away which led her to realize that we don’t have any time to waste while being on this earth and one needs to spend as much time with loved ones as possible and should do what makes one happy.

That’s when she quit her real estate sales job, without any backup plan, and started to focus on what makes her happy. It was after a friend of hers asked what she would love to do even if she wouldn’t get paid for it when she decided fitness is her joy and what she wanted to do with her life.

After starting the journey to a happier life Saree doesn’t shy away from challenging herself. She even started to participate at ‘Bikini Challenges” – something that might have felt a bit awkward at first but led her to become more self confident in the end.

That’s Hattie, by the way. One can see why Saree follows her!

When we talk about effort we often look at it as physical, but sometimes the effort needs to be from a mental perspective. Your mental effort towards changing old behaviours or conquering your fear is the effort that needs to be exercised the most. It is easy to fall back on what you know because what you know keeps your safe. But no one grows from safety. Your mind doesn’t grow, Your body doesn’t grow, and when we don’t grow we become stale. We feel lost or Not good enough. One of the hardest things to do is leap into unknown and push past the limitations we create for ourselves. “Under pressure we don’t rise to the occasion we sink to our level of training” and often that comes with quitting. Do not drop your standard. Increase your effort. The results won’t come from the work you don’t do. Remind yourself every day of WHY. “What effort do I need to exercise right now that is going to build me into the person I want to be?” If you are not willing to step into the unknown then you are not willing to grow. The unknown is only the unknown until you make it familiar. Photo by @matthewgianoulis H&M @shebysharry #thesportsmodelproject #hattieboydle #bethebestversionofyou #MuscleNationAthlete #wbffworldchampion

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One of the bigger take aways from this sit down interview for me was Saree’s intention of not only changing how people look or helping them to get sixpacks, but rather trying to develop a healthy lifestyle and the right mindset that’ll eventually empower everyone to reach their own goals.

Now after I tried to tell a bit of Saree’s story, I think it’s even better to have Saree tell it by herself, so here it goes:

“After I finished my Bachelor Degree in Business English I decided to go to Sydney because I felt like something was missing in my life.

I applied for a student visa thought I would just stayed there for two years but I ended up stayed there for seven years. I have grown a lot over the past few years I have learnt to live on my own. I had fallen in love with this guy, thought I knew everything, thought I got it all but not really… at that time my dad got very sick I decided it was time to come home and spent some time with him I got to see him passed away. It was the first time that I truly lost the love of my life. My longest relationship had also ended I felt like my world collapsed.

I went up for a silent retreat in Chiang Mai. I had to go through those emotions within me but it made me realized that life is too short and you should do what makes you happy. After I came home I decided to quit my job but I still don’t know what exactly I wanted to do. All I know is that I love lifting weights and when I sweat it makes me feel good. Strength training has made me strong mentally and physically.

A friend of mine asked me once if there’s one job that I could do without getting paid what it is going to be. I didn’t have to think that long in just a second I answered “Personal Trainer” it wasn’t easy at first being a personal trainer if you are new in the fitness industry. So I have decided to go for a bikini competition at age 32. I thought if you wanted something to change therefore you have to change and get out of your comfort zone. It was scary but it has changed my life. It has taught me discipline, confidence, self-love etc.

Right now I’m working at Base which I’m very grateful for. Jack has given me an opportunity to learn and grow with an amazing team. However, I’m still pursuing my entrepreneur path. I encourage everyone to find your own path and follow your dreams. Always believe and have faith in yourself even in those difficult times when there is no one believes in you or say that you don’t have what it takes to be successful, I want you to bring out your inner strength and keep going no matter what. It has not finished until you give up!

Last but not least… never take love for granted. You never know what will happen the next day.
Show your loved ones how much you care and love them because tomorrow might never come.
Don’t be too selfish, if you look up into the universe you are literally just a small dot. It makes you stop being so self-centered and start to look around, be kind to others. <3″

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