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Thailand to open school and university admission for child angels

Over the past few weeks so called “Look thep”, Child Angels (dolls that look like super creepy children) have been all the buzz in and around The Land of Creep Smile. Now with the the economy struggling more and more naive faithful Thai people turn to Child Angels and their positive spirits and good luck charm to seek help.

Thai Child Angels are being treated more and more like real life children with being used as drug smugglers (just like real children) and airlines now even offering extra seats and food for child angels. It was only a matter of time for the next step which seems to be on the horizon: Admission of child angels into school and university.

“The Thai educational system isn’t that hard anyways, so Child Angels should not have any problem passing classes”, Pornsak T, spokesperson of the childish educational ministry states on BeeTalk. “Classes in Thailand mainly do not see any interaction since we focus on students listening quietly to whatever the teacher says and not asking any questions. Child Angels would fit this student behavior perfectly and would even make teacher’s lives easier” he added further.

While this decision sparked a brief outrage amongst the academic elite in Thailand those who voiced their concern with the decision were invited to a friendly ‘education approach adjustment’ and soon withdrew their criticism and stated that the positive spirits Child Angels would bring to class certainly overweigh the negative aspects such as taking away study spots of ‘real’ students.

The ministry of childish education released a statement saying that ‘We do not let other countries dictate what we teach and who we teach. We believe in equality for everyone and hence are proud to enroll our first Child Angels in class this upcoming summer’. If they perform as well as expected and show enough ‘good spirit’ they might even get a chance to apply for university scholarships. Thailand hopes to be on the forefront when it comes to Child Angel admission and sees itself as a frontrunner and the go-to place for Child Angel students. With it’s plans to becoming the educational hub in Southeast Asia Thailand now hopes to have taken the first step into the right direction by allowing child angels into the educational system.

Schools and Universities that accept Thai Child Angels can be recognized by playing this anthem.

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