Thailand Low Cost Airline Ranking

When planning to travel Asia it obviously makes sense to look into different airlines and their offers. Thailand, luckily, sees a few low cost airlines landing and taking off. Here’s my personal low cost airline ranking for carriers that can take you to and from and around Thailand.

Scoot TigerAir

The winner of my personal ranking here is Singapore based Scoot TigerAir. As you can read in the detailed review they make the top of the list simply because they aren’t annoying, offer fast service and have big planes at their disposal.


AirAsia is quite likely the most famous low cost carrier here. Base out of Kuala Lumpur, Malayisa, AirAsia offers, at least it feels like that, the most flights in the region even planning further long haul flights as well. Click on the AirAsia link above to read the complete review and to see why they come in second.

Thai LionAir

The loser here on my list is Bangkok based Thai LionAir. Check out their review by clicking on the link above. I simply really disliked every single time I had to use them and hope I can avoid using LionAir in the future as much as possible.

Out of Competition / Honorable Mention: Nok Air

Bangkok based Nok Air is just here as an out of competition mention as I never flew with them. They’ve always been in the news for not being on time, only hiring staff for their looks, and always being in money trouble. The only experience I had with them is seeing how their flights often times have been cancelled when I flew with other airlines. Hence I don’t really feel the need to try Nok Air any time soon.

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