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TIT – New bill threatens ‘unlicensed thoughts’

On the heels the discussion of a very controversial new media bill, one that would only allow ‘licensed’ journalists to do their work and punish journalists without official licenses (which would be issued by the government), Thailand has quietly put forward another bill that, so far, went unnoticed. Thought licensing While the idea of journalists having to obtain an official license that would be given out by the government seems like a step towards more censorship and media control the second new bill that is said to be put forward…

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Thailand Visa Overview – Short List

Since I just talked with a friend who asked me about different Visa types and what you have to consider when coming here (she wants her boyfriend to come) I thought I’ll give it a try and assemble a list of what I know so far and what happened to me during my visa runs. First let’s get the visa terminology straight: Visa Run Visa Run is the term widely used for the trip / journey you have to take in order to extend or renew your visa for Thailand.…

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Thailand – Laos Visa Run

One year after coming to the fascinating kingdom of Thailand I finally had to do what I always considered a myth or something for people who didn’t do their homework. A trip to the Thai embassy in Vientiane, Laos. Amongst backpackers a.k.a. ‘Visa Run‘. I always thought about the Visa Run as something that people have to do if they didn’t prepare their stuff, if they didn’t get enough information beforehand or failed in organizing the appropriate documents. Now that it happened to myself and – how I hate it…

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Non-Immigrant Working Visa

I am the proud owner of a Non-Immigrant Working Visa that allows me to stay in Thailand for one year and work here. Great. Paid quite some money for it and thought it saves me any other trouble….oh yeah, how naive! 1.) Even though the Non-Immigrant Working Visa is valid for one year, you still have to leave Thailand every 90 days in order to not become an illegal alien here. Why? Well…just because (I won’t dare to say that this is just to make money with foreigners…..). 2.) My…

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Visa: check!

Finally it all worked out. 3 days before the planned take off to Bangkok I finally got my visa. All I had to do was to travel all the way to Munich to see the Thai Consulate, prepare everything, pay 130 bucks and being nice to the wonderful lady who is in charge of the Thai Consulate in Munich. And there we go: The Non Immigrant Visa valid for one year is there. So what did we learn from this? 1.) Even though if the guys in Thailand say they…

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Visa Trouble

First trouble in little Thailand – even before I enter the country… My soon to be employer told me to take care of all visa related stuff. Now, 2 weeks prior to the schedulded departure they told me that i have to take care of those visa stuff myself. Great! Since I am on Tenerife right now, I can not go to the Thai consulate in Frankfurt or the embassy in Berlin. So I tried to settle things with the consulate over here on Tenerife (which is IN the loro…

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