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Vientiane Cafe Review: Little G Cafe – Talat Sao 2

When hanging out in Vientiane and waiting for my bus back to Thailand I usually have to spend some time in cafes (or somewhere else) to waste the time until my journey starts. Mostly I choose places with cold drinks and wifi which narrows it down to the obvious Starbuck or True Coffee spots. This time however I decided to sit down at the Little G Cafe at Talat Sao 2 Shopping Mall. While this isn’t a great atmosphere like at the Mekong or something similar it still is a…

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Hotel Review: iHouse – New Hotel – Vientiane

During my last Visa Run to Vientiane, Laos I decided to take on a new accommodation and after coming across a web promotion on agoda I chose iHouse – New Hotel as my destination. While I usually settle for guesthouses I decided to pay a little more (around 530 THB thanks to the promotion) and stay in a decent non-party environment with working wifi and relaxing atmosphere. So the plan. So, once more, let’s check my latest accommodation My-Thai style: Location: The location is pretty cool! Quite close to Namphu –…

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My Top 5 pictures of 2011

This post is inspired by Pictures are however all exclusive. I will keep it short and simple. I thought it would be a nice idea to post the 5 pictures that I liked the most the past year. All photos taken by me or with me on it (then, obviously, not always taken by myself). 5.) Bayoke II, Bangkok. This is the highest building in Bangkok and offers a ‘skywalk’. Furthermore it offers a bar/restaurant on the top which lets you escape the hectic city life and enjoy…

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Thailand – Laos Visa Run

One year after coming to the fascinating kingdom of Thailand I finally had to do what I always considered a myth or something for people who didn’t do their homework. A trip to the Thai embassy in Vientiane, Laos. Amongst backpackers a.k.a. ‘Visa Run‘. I always thought about the Visa Run as something that people have to do if they didn’t prepare their stuff, if they didn’t get enough information beforehand or failed in organizing the appropriate documents. Now that it happened to myself and – how I hate it…

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Welcome to my world – With Thai colleagues to Laos

The other day I once more had to do a trip to Laos. This time however not the usual ‘get your stamp at the border, come back after the weekend and stay three more months in Thailand’ – no! This time I had to visit the Thai embassy in Vientiane in order to apply for a new Non B Visa (Non-Immigrant Visa). Since we had quite some troubles with the immigration office in Udon Thani (we refused to bribe them so they refused to extend my visa) two of my…

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crossing borders – Vientiane, Laos

Since i had some days off here at the college I decided to take the chance of the long weekend and simply do what I like to do. Crossing borders. This time not in a cultural way (happens quite often here in Thailand – even after such a long time here) but literally. I went over the border in Nongkhai and went to Laos. To be exact to the Laos’ capital Vientiane. The crossing of the Laos border Is not that hard but not that easy either. When you want…

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