LOL, ROFL, LMAO – How ‘my’ college tries to find a new foreign ‘teacher’

This is again a personal blog post. Not an informational one. I try to keep the criticism out this time (won’t work I guess though) and just tell the story of ‘How the Udon Thani Vocational College tries to find a new foreign English teacher’ (the cover picture is something for nerds by the way). Initial situation I already complained about the fact that the college doesn’t pay very well and treats me kinda shitty. They are nice as long as they need something but as soon as they don’t…

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Yeah Holidays! Wait…no!

February 18th: Last school day of the term. Finally holidays. Yeah. Let’s gooooo…oh no. Back to school! Why? Because the college said so. When? One week before the holidays. Besides the usual school work we’ve also been waiting for a ‘College Evaluation Committee’ for the past few weeks. Since the ladies and gentlemen from the committee were tooooo busy coming here in time they came up with a great plan. “Let’s visit Udon Thani Vocational College AFTER they already finished their term…”. Obviously a great idea! Thanks for that. Now,…

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Open Letter To The Udon Thani Vocation College & Vocational Education Commission

Since my time in Udon Thani slowly comes to an end it is time for a final recap. I already told you more than once that I love teaching and most of my students and I probably will say it again in a final post, however this post is about my college and the education commission which supervises all colleges. I figured that, if I give these complaints in a letter to the college or the commission, nobody will ever read it. So I decided to publish it here and,…

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Best High Tech Dance Contest 2011 – UVC…the best!

Today I happened to see the “Best High Tech Dance Contest 2011”. Best High Tech is an electronic store here in Thailand and hosted today its first local dance contest. This won’t be exactly the type of event I’d plan to visit but since some of my students asked me if I could come and watch them perform I tried my best to figure out how to go there (wasn’t that easy with google maps in thai – since it did not show me my goal in the english version).…

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Teacher’s Day 2011 + Mister & Miss Vocational 2011

On June 16, 2011 two important activities took place at Udon Thani Vocational College. But see for yourself what was happening in our short trailer… Before the action could take place the day started with an old tradition. The so called “Wai Kru” (teacher’s day). Students took part in a 90 minutes lasting activity and honored their teachers. After the ceremony was finished everybody had a little time to relax and to prepare for the upcoming events during the Mister and Miss Vocational 2011 contest. And the contest started with an incredible impressive performance by our very own and amazing cheerleaders. Then the contestants had time to introduce themselves and to receive the first roses from their fans. The girls (and boys) went crazy and tried to everything to push their favorite to the top spot. Afterwards the next show act waited to impress the audience a second time. UVC’s B-Boys entered the stage and rocked the house with their awesome performance. And since not only the girls wanted to have something to watch, there was also an awesome dance performance by our female Cover Dance group! But see yourself….fan mail please to [email protected]…we will forward it to the girls […]

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Class of 2010 – Graduation @ Udon Thani Vocational College

One moment in Time. What do you think of when I ask you to name special moments in your life? A special time that was very important for you? Right. Many of us might answer with “when I was in school…” or “my graduation”. At least I would say so. And about 840 students of the Udon Thani Vocational College would say the same – at least for now. Yesterday was this one moment in time when students left the shelter of the college. It was graduation day. So most…

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Udon talking: Sutthida Wiwatpreechanon

During my life in Udon Thani I meet / met a lot of interesting and fascinating people. This is their place to tell the world what they think about all different kinds of subjects. You will find interviews with students, colleagues, workers, farangs and more random citizens or tourists. Today it is one of my students who talks about her life in Udon. She studies Tourism in the 1st year here at the Vocational College in Udon Thani. Enjoy! Whatďż˝s your name? sutthida wiwatpreechanon Where do you come from? Udonthani,…

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UVC Academic Fair

During the last week it was all about the Academic Fair here at the Udon Thani Vocational College. Three days ‘state of emergency’. The college opened the doors for everybody to see booths of every department and to take a closer look at student’s work or achievements. We (the english department) kicked the whole thing of with our three outstanding students (winners of the udon thani english contest in each of their categories) showing their skills on stage. Besides great stage performances, every department showed it’s skills in their own…

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Why teaching in Thailand is amazing

Since I gave a teaching recap after my first day and my first week (and talked a little about it during my recap of my first three months in thailand) I thought it is about time to talk in more detail about it – now, almost 4 months after becoming a teacher in Thailand. Working with students Working with students is really great. Not just because of the fun part, but also because of the fact that you really can influence them. Try to give them something valuable on their…

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New Years Party – Udon Thani Vocational College

Even 11 days after the new year had started, we did not have enough parties. The college decided to set up another New Years Party for UVC staff and teachers. Even the rain (yes rain, even though it’s not rainy season. The first time that it was raining for a longer time since the beginning of november!) When comming to the party location the first thing that popped into ones eyes was – what else could it be – food! MUCH food! More food than the tables could handle so…

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