MTV EXIT comes to Udon Thani – End Human Trafficking

Update. Due to a fatal accident on the stage site the event had to be postponed. New date: May 24th. MTV Exit – The MTV foundation that tries to End Exploitation and Trafficking brings another huge (and free) concert to Southeast-Asia. This time it will be, you might have guessed it, in Thailand. Not in Bangkok though – MTV Exit goes where it is needed – to the northeastern part of Thailand. To Udon Thani to be precise. The concert will be on March 15th (Udon Thani Football Stadium – free…

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Interview Living Music 

Music Monday Interview: JaaeSayHi

During my time in Thailand I try to get to know as many different people as possible. It’s always interesting to say the least. This time however it’s far more. In order to show more of the talented people that call Bangkok (or Thailand) their home I added the music & arts section to My current interview guest is a very talented young singer. I came across her youtube channel and immediately subscribed. I hope and I am sure you will feel similar after hearing more about her. So, Ladies…

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Jan Condotel Udon Thani Living 

Hotel Review: Jan Condotel Udon Thani

During my latest visit to my ‘hometown’ Udon Thani I decided to give another accommodation a try. Since I planned on visiting my former college I was looking for something not to far away but also not to far away from the city or recreational spaces like Nong Prajak Park, Thung Sri Muang or markets. Furthermore I didn’t want to spend thousands of Baht since I didn’t plan on staying at my room for most of the time anyways. Entrance: Jan Condotel. Located quite close to Udon Thani Vocational College…

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working, living, traveling thailand - teaching & online marketing Living Teaching Traveling 

3 Years In Thailand. Yearly Thailand Review

Another year, another review (2 year review). Once a year I’m reviewing my life, work and everything related that happened to me in the Land Of Smile. As always the review will be divided into Living, Traveling and Teaching/Working. Since I am nice (yes, really. sometimes) and realize that most people come here for the travel part, let’s start with that one. What have I done this past year, where have I been? To be quite frank, I didn’t see to many completely new places – that doesn’t mean I…

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backpacking thailand and loving it Traveling 

Thailand review by a backpacker newbie

My, then 17 year old little sister, came to Thailand for the first time ever. To become a backpacker. For the first time ever. Here is her experience.    Meanwhile more than one month ago, I visited my brother Sascha in Thailand. It was my first time in this country, so I experienced a lot of different and interesting stuff I’ve never seen before. I started my journey right after my prom night on July 5, starting at Frankfurt Airport, having a stop in Dubai and finally arriving in Bangkok.…

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ouch! getting a tattoo in thailand Living 

Getting a Tattoo yeah, getting ink done – Infos & Experiences by a Tattoo Newbie

Alright people this is a NSFMM post. Not Safe For My Mom. So please don’t share it with her or translate it into German! A few weeks ago I happened to be back in Udon Thani, the city I’ve been working for three school terms, in order to attend this year’s graduation party. Since the party was on a Thursday I made it a long weekend and stayed a little longer back ‘home’ and, well, got a tattoo. Now the question I’ve been asked so many times. ‘Why?’. It’s actually…

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me with the girls ;) Teaching 

Homecoming II – Graduation Time in Udon Thani

After my first return to Udon Thani since leaving for Bangkok I know made my second comeback. This time however not only to visit friends but also to attend the Graduation Party of the Udon Thani Vocational College. The students I taught in my first year in their first and second year at college now graduated and I promised them to be there when they do so. So I went back to Udon and experienced something similar to last time. Still everybody remembers what lead to an immediate feeling of…

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