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Uber pulls out – of Thailand & Southeast Asia

That’s something one doesn’t hear often in Thailand. A foreigner pulling out. Global transportation communication heavy weight Uber however now decided on said move, making it the third time (after China and Russia) in history that big bad Uber is turning its back on a huge user base and leaving it to their immediate rival. In Southeast Asia that means Uber is selling all its business to Singapore based rival Grab. They won’t receive any money for it, but a stake (around 27%) in the company. Which is probably a…

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Uber, Grab, Taxi – What’s the cheapest fare in Thailand? [infographic]

Update 2018: Uber pulled out of Southeast Asia. Below you can see an infographic compiled by iPrice which looks at different fare prices around Southeast Asia. When we look at Thailand it’s rather surprising to see that Uber seems to be the cheapest solution for both short, and long distances. While the infographic states that no surge pricing was taken into consideration and Uber almost always has the ‘surge pricing mode’ on, at least in BKK (since we’re always in rush hour), I’m still a bit surprised by the outcome…

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Traffic in Bangkok - Using the bus is the cheapest way Living Traveling 

Taking public transport in Thailand – excitement on a daily basis

Public Transport in Thailand is….fascinating. And while one is fast to say “Typical Thailand”. What happens in a Thai bus / train / boat (yes, boat) is contradictory to the average “keep calm and don’t hurry (sabai sabai)” attitude but also as Thai as it gets. Here’s why. Crowd surfing First of all: Public transport is crowded. 83% of the time when you’re about to take public transport it will be super crowded and you won’t be able to find a seat. So stand! When you are a foreigner it’s…

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