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Understanding “Kreng Jai” – Learning Thai culture

Thai culture and  เกรงใจ – kreng jai If you live in Thailand for long enough and are trying to speak a bit of Thai you will most certainly come across the phrase of “Kreng Jai” which literally translated would mean “awe of heart”. A better translation however would be ‘consideration’. This ‘kreng jai” quite often leads to quite some confusion for foreign expatriates here in Thailand though. While the concept of Kreng Jai is quite important in Thai culture the confusion among foreigners even leads to lots of frustration. Therefore it is…

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“Thainess” FTW – TAT celebrates Thainess 14/01/2015

Apparently the Thai Tourism Authority has a new favorite word. “Thainess”. And now that we have this super mega awesome word we have to celebrate and promote it. And what says “Thainess” more than causing artificial traffic congestion? Exactly! Therefore the TAT is going to hold a celebration this coming Wednesday (14/01/2015). How do we celebrate you ask? Of course by shutting down some critical roads around Lumpini Park. When you want to know? Of course when everyone finishes work. Attendees will be able to see “The pride of the nation”…

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