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Thailand’s SOTUS problem

Seniority Order Tradition Unity Spirit – that’s what SOTUS stands for. Sounds good, kind of, at least in the beginning but when looking deeper into what that actually means for students joining Universities here in Thailand it becomes clear that SOTUS is all but a good and timely thing to have. What is SOTUS exactly? Each year when freshmen join University the SOTUS committee consisting of senior students will create hazing rituals for the newbies. They call it “SOTUS” because that sounds better than calling it what it is, being…

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HUGE SURPRISE: Thai Universities drop in global ranking

This past week global University rankings have been published and one has to say congratulations to Singaporean based Unis NUS and NTU for making it into the top lists of the world. Thai Universities on the other are in free fall towards the bottom of the list. Change is coming. Maybe. Wait. This development came as a huge surprise for everyone not familiar with Thai education and with the whole business model behind it. While now everyone who bought a bachelor’s degree at a private Uni is shocked about this inconvenient…

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Fighting (for) Creativity – The creative & educational black hole in Thailand

Over the past four years I’ve written quite a bit about education and the copy & paste attitude here in Thailand (check out my prior teaching articles for that). A lot of this approach is rooted in Thai culture of course. Screwing up means to lose face. Losing face is unacceptable and therefore needs to be prevented at all costs. Even if it costs creativity and the simple act of trying something new. [Tweet “‘Screwing up means to lose face. Losing face needs to be prevented at all costs.’ #Thailand”]…

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Best Universities in Thailand 2015/2016

Best can be defined in many different ways. Let’s break it down into two parts. First the best from an academic standpoint and second from an ‘how much effort do i need to put in’ standpoint. Obviously this articles take the international approach meaning taking English programs highly into consideration. Best Universities in Thailand – Academically Well according to University rankings there is not much discussion here and, from what I experienced so far (limited as this experience may be compared to such a voluminous research), I do have to agree…

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