Thai Media, Society and Anxiety.

During the last semester, I was assigned to create a project. Any kind project that can raise awareness about anything. First thing came to my thought was “Nightmare and Depression” because it is directly related to me. I am not ashamed to say that I’m depressed and also have bipolar disorder. You can all me an attention seeker, a freak, or anything but you can not change me by stepping on me. I’m still depressed. And, for those people who think “you’re depressed? So, Stop being depressed and try to deal with…

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not feeling at home - expat problems Living 

Somewhere I belong – disappointing return home after 3 years abroad

A few weeks ago I returned to my home country as well as to my home town for the first time in 3 years and the feeling I had was different than what i expected it to be. It’s quite hard to explain what exactly was different but maybe I can figure it out while writing this post. So let’s start with setting the stage: I left Germany around three years ago in order to go to Spain for a few weeks and then start my adventure in Thailand. That’s…

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