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Smoking ban at beaches from February onwards

As previously announced (Thailand to implement smoking ban on beaches) a smoking ban will be implemented on beaches in Thailand starting 1st February 2018. 24 beaches will be the first ones to make it illegal to smoke and litter (!!). If you’re caught you might face a fine of up to 100,000 THB and / or a year in prison. That’s probably not worth it! A few beaches tested the new rules over the past three months and violators were only given a warning, starting February it will be serious…

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Thailand to ban smoking at beaches

What has been announced quite some time ago now became reality, smoking will be banned on all Thai beaches starting Feb 1. 2018. If you still smoke and get caught this might land you in jail for up to one year or cost you 100,000 THB!  Now, this past Wednesday, a first trail started which will last for 90 days and included 24 beaches across the country. During this trial the law will be introduced and beach goers will be informed about the new law but not yet punished, according…

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