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Pizza To Go – Mama Dolores Silom

While I was heading towards Lumpini Park the other day I took a peak around a corner I never happened to go before and came across Mama Dolores Take Away Pizza. A cute little place with only a few seats (hence the Take Away idea) that serves small Pizzas for reasonable prices. The best thing: Real italian Pizza style! So let’s review it quickly: Name: Mama Dolores Location: Next to MRT Silom Food: Mini Pizza Style: Italian Price: 40 – 60 THB / Mini Pizza Taste: 6/10 Special: Take Away…

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pizzeria basilica bangkok Living 

Pizza Challenge Part III – Pizzeria Basilica

Curtains up for the third participant in our Bangkok Pizza Challenge. Pizzeria Basilica. This time it is a ‘real’ Italian style restaurant. Nothing extraordinary or crazy here. Just ‘real’ style. Let’s see how it worked out. Basilica is a small chain that operates, as far as I know, three restaurants with all of them in the Sukhumvit area. It’s quite noble and prices are a little higher than in most other places. A few cool things before we start: The service, surrounding, interior and everything related is realy quite nice. European…

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Pizza Pala Romana Bangkok Living 

Pizza in Bangkok | Pizza Challenge Part II | Pala Pizza Romana

The second contender in our Bangkok Pizza Challenge, Pala Pizza Romana, is already a quite unusual competitor. The first unusual (in a good way) thing about Pala Pizza Romana was that they replied to one of my messages on twitter. I was stating that I’ll start to test Pizza Restaurants in Bangkok soon and asked if everybody is prepared (as kind of a joke) and Pizza Pala Romana replied with a short ‘Bring it on’. Quite self confident, nice! Furthermore Pizza Pala states on its website to be ‘best, first,…

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Pizza in Bangkok | Pizza Challenge Part I – Ristorante Da Mamma

This is the start of the My-Thai Pizza Challenge. First up Pizzeria Da Mamma close to MBK. However before we get started a short disclaimer (read the ‘why’ post here): I am not a 5 star gourmet cook, I’m just a huge pizza fan and am looking for a decent Pizza Place here in Bangkok (or Thailand) since the Thai style of Pizza (Pizza Company etc.) really sucks (Ketchup wtf?). So those tests will be totally subjective and biased but definitely not influenced by promotions or similar goodies. All my…

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