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30 Days Challenge: How to Nunchaku

A few years ago those 30 days challenges were kind of a big hype. Everybody was running around announcing what they’d do for 30 days. Pick up new habits, read books, etc. As it’s typical for me I’m late to the hype train but I do like the idea of challenging yourself picking up new skills / traits over a certain amount of time. That’s why I’m starting off 2018 with a 30 days challenge. If you follow you know that I’m quite heavily into Martial Arts and with…

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Two more minutes – just quickly checking my IG

We all heard or probably even said that before, right? The ‘let me just quickly check my IG (FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Line, etc.).’. Either before going to bed, going out, having dinner or any other activity. Be it alone or in companion with friends, family, loved ones. The ‘just quick checking’ remark is quite likely to always be heard. No matter where we are and what we do. Why is that the case though? And what does that mean for communication, business and us? Learning to love the red dots…

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Interview with Pathfinders Podcast

Recently I’ve been invited to join the Pathfinders Podcast and while I’m not a huge fan of hearing myself talk I do like the idea behind the podcast a lot. Talking about unusual ‘careers’ and different approaches to life, studies, education, writing, and more (did we actually say ‘orgy’ in there? :o). Check it out below and make sure to follow that fantastic project and listen to all the other podcasts on If you got any follow up questions or remarks, please shout out in the comments. As I’m…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Review

As so many others I was finally able to pick up my new phone (thx to TrueMove for that). While I enjoyed the ride and indy feeling that came along with owning a Xiaomi (RIP Mi4!) for a long time, I now decided to switch back to the mainstream. Two reasons played into this decision. For once it’s really difficult to find reliable service for xiaomi devices in Bangkok. While there are shops who have replacement parts in stock or are able to order some parts, it never feels really trustworthy…

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Remembering 9/11

16 years ago the world saw some of the most cruel terror attacks in existence. 15 years later the pictures on most of our heads are still as present and real as they were back then. And that’s a good thing. Even though we probably did not learn the ‘right’ lessons following those attacks. Let me get one thing out of the way. I’m not a US citizen, I have never been to the US nor do I plan on going there (besides for my friend’s wedding some time next…

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Why I have tattoos – Tattoos & Thailand

Most people say, when they look at me, I don’t really look the ‘typical’ guy who would have tattoos. This statement is mostly followed up with the question about the ‘why’. “Why are you doing this to you?”. My answer is manifold but starts with because I review the best tattoo studios of Bangkok on this site. The serious answer though is: I’m not doing this to me, I’m doing this for me.  People with tattoos often face stereotypes and confrontations that frequently argue along those lines: Bad people have…

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Off Topic: Atypical – TV Show review

Over the past fews days I did lots of work from home (supposedly in holidays, ha, work always finds you!) and as I hate complete silence I decided to watch something while working on my computer. I started with some Arrow episodes but while the action is nice the plot wholes often times are just too much to enjoy it, even as a background noise. Therefore I looked for something else and, by coincidence, stumbled upon Atypical. IMDB describes the show as follows: Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum,…

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Off Topic: Chester Bennington, suicide, mental health.

It’s been around three weeks since Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin’ Park, took his own life and became the latest celebrity to fall victim to depression and succumb to suicidal thoughts. Like many others I was shocked when I read the news that morning. I woke up and my newsfeed was full with RIP Chester posts. I think I felt similar to most people my age who, more or less, grew up with Linkin’ Park. I didn’t write anything back then as I didn’t feel like another article that…

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If Thailand was Westeros Featured Living off topic 

If Thailand was Westeros – Thailand as the land of Game of Thrones

Thailand is a kingdom, Game of Thrones is about the 7 kingdoms. That’s enough of a similarity for me to look at which kingdoms of GOT could find a home in Thailand – and where would that be. As most of the series takes place in Westeros we simply define that Thailand = Westeros. I know there’s more to the world of GOT but for this article we will mainly focus on Westeros as this is, in our hypothetical fantasy world, where we live. One more reminder: This is fictional!…

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How the Game of Thrones characters would fare in Thailand

Game of Thrones got us all glued to the goggle box (or google box – check ‘how to watch GOT in Thailand‘ here) every time a new season comes around. Now while we’re coming closer and closer to the great war (in GOT as well as IRL it seems) I thought it would be interesting to see how our beloved or most hated characters of GOT would fare here in the Land of Smiles. The predictions are solely focused on what happened on the TV shows and not on the…

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