sunset in nong khai, thailand @ mekong river Featured Traveling 

Cruising the Mekong River at Nong Khai

Last week I was invited by my director to join her and her friends from her hometown for dinner in Nong Khai. Since Nong Khai is about 1 hour by car away, you do not go there to have dinner in just another usual restaurant, of course. You go there to have dinner on the mighty Mekong river. While cruising on it in a restaurant boat. Eating, Drinking and cruising between Thailand and Laos. With one of the most amazing sunsets I have seen in quite a while. Even though…

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Thailand - first three months - first look back Featured Living Teaching Traveling 

Thailand 2010 – First Three Months – a short review

December is always the time for reviews and reflections. What happened, what was good, what not, etc. Since this blog is about Thailand I would like to only review my time in Thailand. Until now, only three months. But already a lot to talk and think about. Same same, but different At first there is to say that Thailand is NOT a third world country. I know many of you folks back at home think that there is no electricity here, nobody knows internet and people go to work by…

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farlangs & thais in nongkhai Featured Living Traveling 

Chulalongkorn Day (Rama V Day)

Yeah yeah yeah. Public holidays! Thanks to King Rama V (Chulangkorn) the 23rd of October is a big holiday. This year it was a Saturday. What would be kinda bloody in most western countries, is not a problem in Thailand at all. Public holiday on the weekend? – Let’s get the next working day off. Yay! Nice rule, I think :-) But back to King Rama V day. We have been told that there is a biiiiig parade at the Mekong river in Nongkhai and surrounding areas. So we tried…

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