5 of the Best Foodie Experiences in Koh Samui, Thailand Featured Traveling 

5 of the Best Foodie Experiences in Koh Samui, Thailand

Describing a tropical paradise would literally be describing Koh Samui, Thailand. White sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters are the highlights to many travelers. There is, however, another reason to visit this blissful oasis–food. Infused with Thai flavors and you’ll see why more time is spent eating than enjoying the beaches. Figuring out what to eat in Koh Samui when you’re surrounded by so many options may seem daunting. To make it easier for you–here are 5 of the Best Foodie Experiences in Koh Samui, Thailand. Satay for Breakfast…

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3 Years In Thailand. Yearly Thailand Review

Another year, another review (2 year review). Once a year I’m reviewing my life, work and everything related that happened to me in the Land Of Smile. As always the review will be divided into Living, Traveling and Teaching/Working. Since I am nice (yes, really. sometimes) and realize that most people come here for the travel part, let’s start with that one. What have I done this past year, where have I been? To be quite frank, I didn’t see to many completely new places – that doesn’t mean I…

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Thailand review by a backpacker newbie

My, then 17 year old little sister, came to Thailand for the first time ever. To become a backpacker. For the first time ever. Here is her experience.    Meanwhile more than one month ago, I visited my brother Sascha in Thailand. It was my first time in this country, so I experienced a lot of different and interesting stuff I’ve never seen before. I started my journey right after my prom night on July 5, starting at Frankfurt Airport, having a stop in Dubai and finally arriving in Bangkok.…

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Koh Samui – The Big Daddy of all Islands in Thailand

I took almost 3 years for my first ever visit to Koh Samui. I usually avoid those places where ‘everybody’ goes but I simply had to check it out once. A short public holiday (Asanha Bucha) and the visit of my sister from Germany formed the perfect opportunity for a short trip to the Grand Daddy of all Thai Islands: Koh Samui. First things first: I’m kinda disappointed by Samui – as expected. For me personally it’s to big, to huge, to touristic and to ‘developed’ (but yeah, I’m thankful…

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