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If Thailand was Westeros – Thailand as the land of Game of Thrones

Thailand is a kingdom, Game of Thrones is about the 7 kingdoms. That’s enough of a similarity for me to look at which kingdoms of GOT could find a home in Thailand – and where would that be. As most of the series takes place in Westeros we simply define that Thailand = Westeros. I know there’s more to the world of GOT but for this article we will mainly focus on Westeros as this is, in our hypothetical fantasy world, where we live. One more reminder: This is fictional!…

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7 Famous Muay Thai Fighters and their Game of Thrones characters

This is the follow up to MMA characters and their GOT characters and fits into our GOT series of posts rather well (check: How Game Of Thrones characters would fare in Thailand). It’s a bit more difficult with Muay Thai characters than with MMA fighters though as there is no real Nak Muay that fits the role of a mean villain. Nevertheless, let’s dive into the GOT Nak Muay Style Buakaw – Jon Snow Obviously Thailand’s Muay Thai superstar number one and hero of the Thai people needs to fill…

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How the Game of Thrones characters would fare in Thailand

Game of Thrones got us all glued to the goggle box (or google box – check ‘how to watch GOT in Thailand‘ here) every time a new season comes around. Now while we’re coming closer and closer to the great war (in GOT as well as IRL it seems) I thought it would be interesting to see how our beloved or most hated characters of GOT would fare here in the Land of Smiles. The predictions are solely focused on what happened on the TV shows and not on the…

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