Bangkok Flood Survival Kit [infographic]

With more rain announced compiled this handy flood survival kit for you so you know what it takes to survive those terrible flash floods in Bangkok city. You’re welcome. If you have any additions to the list, shout out in the comments! Also feel free to share that infographic with everybody who needs some guidance in order to survive the big city floods.  

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Average Thai Flood Living 

And when the rain begins to fall – Preparing for Thailand’s Rainy Season

Once more we are heading towards the most hated & feared season over here in Thailand. Rainy Season. Every year the rain brings fear to the people here – especially after the worst flood in recent history hit Thailand 2 years ago. I don’t want to tell tragic stories or scare anyone away, I’m just giving some tips on what to expect and what might be reasonable to do during the next few weeks. Outfit Wellingtons! However that might not be to appropriate for work or travel to carry them…

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King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology jetski Living 

Famous Thai University invents the, uhm, Jetski.

<irony mode on> I really have NO idea why people always say that Thailand is the land of copies and fake products. <irony mode off> King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology unveiled their latest development. An amphibious vehicle that would be able to let people move through water when the cities flood again. Great idea! But wait. Isn’t there something that let’s people move over water? Well take a look at the picture yourself and decide. Admittedly there probably aren’t many ways of creating such a ‘vehicle’ but adding 3 wheels to…

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campus flooded in thailand Living 

Living with natural disasters

I’ve received quite some emails on facebook and twitter asking how it feels to live in an area where natural disasters ‘happen once in a while’. Those questions, obviously, came after the flood hit Thailand once again and reminded many people of the past when earthquakes shook the Land of Smile or, remembering last year, when the most devastating flood of all times caused a lot of pain and desperation. I will try to tackle this issue while talking about my own experience first and then explain what my friends…

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ice hockey in bangkok Featured Living 

Team Canada vs. The World – Charity Ice Hockey Match

I seriously thought about only writing three words in this post: Ice Hockey in Bangkok. Then I realized those are actually four words so what the heck…let’s write more. The thai red cross organized a charity ice hockey match between “Team Canada” and ‘The World (with Thailand)”. Nice names already (with Thailand) – but hey. Good cause. The entry was free (we donated of course) so we decided to head over to the brand new Central World at Phra Rama 9, search the beautiful (and finally big!) new ice rink…

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em balls in thailand Featured Living 

EM Balls – Thailand’s feel good product for non flood victims

During the past few days / weeks the news are, obviously, full of pictures of the flood, victims and everything that happens around it. Now, in order to fight the dirty waste water that won’t go away, Thailand came up with a GREAT solution. I won’t go to much into scientific details (I suggest the articles at New Mandala & The Wall Street Journal for further information) but just so far: It is about sugar balls. Well, obviously they are not called sugar balls and I just tried to exaggerate…

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Featured Living 

Flood Updated Part 2

Just another quick updated for friends and family who keep asking about the flood situation right now. If you want to get up to the minute information about the flood I suggest you follow the sources I mentioned in my last post about the flood. Here is just a quick overview. Central Thailand still suffers from the flood and nobody really knows how long this shit might go on. While the water still rises in Bangkok (despite the governments try to dig drainages into main roads) other parts of the…

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Living Traveling 

For Family and Friends: Thai Flood Update

Hey out there! This is just a short personal heads up about the current flood situation since a lot of my friends and family keep asking. For current news, pictures and videos I suggest to check out the daily newspapers. Flood in Udon Thani: Usually I complain about Udon Thani being to boring since there is not much nature, no rivers and no mountains. This boring surrounding though is a good thing right now. There are no signs of flood over here in Udon Thani. The whole province – Isan…

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