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Latest News: Thailand to save the environment one plastic bag at a time.

The F-Word section is dedicated to critical thoughts and opinions. The F-Word stands for Farang Word in this case since a lot of issues are usually “solved” by saying we have different cultural backgrounds. Sometimes that just doesn’t do the trick. We try to show some problems – and maybe even get people to think about those things mentioned. The F-Word might be a bit provocative or sarcastic at times – it is however not meant to offend anyone. Those issues are just being raised because we care – if…

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Petition to stop the use of plastic bags in Thailand

If you’re on Social Media in Thailand you might have seen a petition circulating recently. This time it’s not a political one so hopefully nobody will be arrested. This time it’s about 7-11 and the increasing plastic bag plague here in Thailand. We talked about this in great detail before (How to say “I don’t want plastic bags in Thai” | Thailand to save environment one plastic bag at a time) so there’s no need to elaborate about that again and hence I simply ask you to click the following…

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Bangkok uses more energy than some Thai provinces

We all know that Bangkok has lots of shopping malls. Probably more malls than green spaces. The following infographic created by mekongeye with data from mekongcommons gives a good and shocking overview about how much energy those malls actually use per year. After seeing this how about turning down on the a/c for a bit and increase average mall temperatures around 2 or 3 degrees?

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