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Living with natural disasters

I’ve received quite some emails on facebook and twitter asking how it feels to live in an area where natural disasters ‘happen once in a while’. Those questions, obviously, came after the flood hit Thailand once again and reminded many people of the past when earthquakes shook the Land of Smile or, remembering last year, when the most devastating flood of all times caused a lot of pain and desperation. I will try to tackle this issue while talking about my own experience first and then explain what my friends…

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Earthquake March 24, 2011

Hey everybody. This is just a short update since I received again a lot of questions regarding this topic. Yesterday evening an 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit parts of Thailand. The earthquake actually took place in Myanmar but effected parts of Thailand as well. Especially the north-western part (Chiang Rai / Chiang Mai area) was hit by the earthquake. In Chiang Rai one women died and several buildings were damaged. Besides Chiang Rai also Bangkok suffered from slight earth movement. According to the first news nothing worse happened though. Specialists say…

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