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Disaster? Shh! Mai pen rai! – Why Thailand remains quiet about disasters

What’s the last news you heard from Thailand? If you don’t live in a cave (ba dum tss) it’s probably been the story of the football team trapped in said cave, right? And while we all agree that that’s a tragedy (especially with one diver dying) it still is, somewhat, a feel good story. An event that brought Thailand (and the world) together in the pursuit of freeing those trapped by mother nature. Now is there any other event, disaster, incident that you know of? If you’re actively following the…

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How the Tham Luang cave incident brought Thailand (and the rest of the world) together

The whole world has witnessed the tragic circumstances that led to 12 boys and one coach being trapped inside a cave in the north of Thailand. Rescue teams from all across the world have flown in to provide experience and help in order to get the “Wild Boars” football team out of the now famous Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai. To make things worse, while the boys all seem to be in, more or less, good condition, one rescue diver, former Thai Navy SEAL Saman Gunan, lost his life…

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Living with natural disasters

I‘ve received quite some emails on facebook and twitter asking how it feels to live in an area where natural disasters ‘happen once in a while’. Those questions, obviously, came after the flood hit Thailand once again and reminded many people of the past when earthquakes shook the Land of Smile or, remembering last year, when the most devastating flood of all times caused a lot of pain and desperation. I will try to tackle this issue while talking about my own experience first and then explain what my friends…

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Thailand & Japan

This is only a quick post since I think there is already enough coverage of the current events that happened in Japan. But after Japan was hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake that caused a disastrous tsunami many of my friends and family keep asking me whether the catastrophy has any effects on Thailand. So this is just to assure everybody at home: There are no direct effects over here in Thailand. Asia is a big continent, Japan is still far away and geographically on a totally different level. So…

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