Railey Beach

Railey Beach might be one of the most famous beach names all over Thailand. It’s quite often mentioned equally when talking about Krabi itself. Krabi = Railey. And while there are more beaches around Krabi worth mentioning it is true that Railey is famous and doesn’t get its popularity out of nowhere. It’s a very nice and, compared to others, very quiet beach. Nevertheless, due to its fame, it sees a fair share of visitors each and every day and isn’t as idyllic as it used to be. The surrounding…

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James Bond Island

James Bond Island is located along Phang Nga Bay in Phang Nga Province, southern Thailand. The Island is a part of Ao Phang Nga National Park (Phang Nga Bay National Park)which is surrounded by around 42 small islands. The reason why this island is named“James Bond Island” is because it was used as a location for “The Man with the Golden Gun” the series in James Bond film produced in 1974. To get to the island, you can start at Ao Phang Nga National Park and take a long tail…

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working, living, traveling thailand - teaching & online marketing Living Teaching Traveling 

3 Years In Thailand. Yearly Thailand Review

Another year, another review (2 year review). Once a year I’m reviewing my life, work and everything related that happened to me in the Land Of Smile. As always the review will be divided into Living, Traveling and Teaching/Working. Since I am nice (yes, really. sometimes) and realize that most people come here for the travel part, let’s start with that one. What have I done this past year, where have I been? To be quite frank, I didn’t see to many completely new places – that doesn’t mean I…

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backpacking thailand and loving it Traveling 

Thailand review by a backpacker newbie

My, then 17 year old little sister, came to Thailand for the first time ever. To become a backpacker. For the first time ever. Here is her experience.    Meanwhile more than one month ago, I visited my brother Sascha in Thailand. It was my first time in this country, so I experienced a lot of different and interesting stuff I’ve never seen before. I started my journey right after my prom night on July 5, starting at Frankfurt Airport, having a stop in Dubai and finally arriving in Bangkok.…

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Koh Samui – The Big Daddy of all Islands in Thailand

I took almost 3 years for my first ever visit to Koh Samui. I usually avoid those places where ‘everybody’ goes but I simply had to check it out once. A short public holiday (Asanha Bucha) and the visit of my sister from Germany formed the perfect opportunity for a short trip to the Grand Daddy of all Thai Islands: Koh Samui. First things first: I’m kinda disappointed by Samui – as expected. For me personally it’s to big, to huge, to touristic and to ‘developed’ (but yeah, I’m thankful…

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tanote bay koh tao thailand Traveling 

Koh Tao – Bay to go!

After 2 years I finally came back to Koh Tao. One of the most beautiful and charming islands i’ve seen so far. Why I like Koh Tao so much? It simply as a nice charme and so many different kinds of spots to go. It’s not only high class white beach resorts or completely individual hiking. It’s a mix of all of that. You can find beautiful beaches, a bit of a individual style (diving) community and more. Having talked about Koh Tao in general in my last post after…

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Best Pancake Man Koh Tao - Mr. Ali Traveling 

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee – Pancake Style on Koh Tao.

While traveling you sometimes come across interesting, strange, weird or just memorable individuals. That’s what makes trips so worthwhile and awesome. One of the memorable people I saw during my last trip to Koh Tao was THE pancake man himself. Mr. Ali! Of course you can get pancakes everywhere! All around the world, in every touristy spot in Thailand, heck you might even don’t have to walk more than 100 meters to see the next pancake booth. However Mr. Ali on Koh Tao lives up to his name and puts on a great…

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Infinity Resort Koh Tao Traveling 

Hotel Review: Infinity Resort Koh Tao

This is going to be a short review since talking about that place is actually not really worth it. The pictures don’t look bad but that’s exactly why I went there and was so disappointed. I was looking for a place to stay that is a) close to the beach and b) after a long trip to the island not toooo basic. According to the Infinity Resort matched those requests. As always agoda showed insanely high prices for the accommodation but claimed to have special prices. We all know by…

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The Beach on Koh Samet Traveling 

Koh Samed – Samed Island

Finally holiday time again and, after having spent many of my past holidays in the North or North-East I decided to take a look a the seaside again. This time: Koh Samed. Koh Samed is located in the Rayong province and is only a mere 3 hours drive from Bangkok away. Hence a perfect spot for a long weekend or a short holiday trip. How to go to Koh Samed? When you are coming from Bangkok there are many ways to reach Koh Samed. Plane, Car, Bus or Van. They…

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Thailand Beach Featured Living Traveling 

Sex on the beach – Thai beach style

Now that the holiday season in Thailand reaches it’s climax I thought it’s a good time to provide you with some information about Thai beach style. The chances that you will see thai people around the beach are now higher than during other times so don’t be surprised by the upcoming news. Mai Tai vs Sex on the beach When it comes to beach outfits and dressing properly for the time at the ocean. No matter if ON the beach or IN the water. Most Thais (of course not everybody.…

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