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5 low calorie products at 7-11 | My-Thai.org x Cindy

We continue our featured vlog series this week. This time with Cindy who shows you a few low calorie products from 7-11. And now don’t act like you never end up at 7-11 to buy some food, we all know it happens rather often than not so be happy about the list below and take it to heart next time you hear favorite doorbell ring when hunger strikes.

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Hey 7-11, bring back my favorites!

One of the coolest things about living in Thailand (coming from Germany): There are 7-11 stores everywhere! I wasn’t used to that. While I usually do not prefer big chains over individual shops 7-11 sometimes has it’s advantages. But it’s not all gold that glances in those 7-11 shelves. Unfortunately seveeeeeeen, how we call it over here in Thailand, decided to get rid of a few things from its product line. And, to make things worse, it actually decided to get rid of a few things that I really, really, liked.…

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7 best things to get at 7-11(in Thailand)

They are everywhere in Thailand. You can’t drive 5 km without seeing a 7-11 – in areas with a higher population you might even find a 7-11 every 100 meters or so (no kidding). So what’s the purpose and what are THE best things to get at a local 7-11 here in Thailand. Here’s my ranking. 1. Condoms I know that’s a no-brainer and many of my friends still firmly believe that that’s the only purpose of the 7-11 around the corner. Selling condoms in a time of ‘need’. Admittedly…

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