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Why I stopped traveling to Koh Tao.

Well if you’re in Thailand right now or if you’re following the news about Thailand then you probably understand that headline. For everyone else here’s a short break-down of why me and many others decided to not visit Koh Tao anymore.

Early in 2014 a tourist had been found dead. Police claimed he fell from a cliff and then drowned. Independent doctors from the UK then said his body doesn’t show symptoms of a deep fall and his blood doesn’t resemble the blood of drowning victims. The parents still claim that the police / government would hide something and tries not to solve the case.

Late in 2014 two British tourists have been murdered. The police found two Burmese guys who look more like scapegoats than anything else. Everybody who follows the case believes that the two Burmese are innocent and simply are being used to show the media the police does something. Again parents, families, friends and even the UK government do not believe the Thai police got the right guys and they think the police isn’t really trying.

Early 2015. A French tourist was found hanging. With his hands tied behind his back. The police says it’s suicide. Sounds weird though since most people who commit suicide don’t usually tie their hands behind their back (since this makes killing yourself a bit harder). Again suspicions are being raised.

In addition to such incidents quite a few people (family members of victims, friends, etc.) claim to have been threatened by local mafia to be killed.

Obviously one never knows what is true and what’s just a bad or made up story in order to gain some attention but unless the police doesn’t figure out how to ensure safety on Koh Tao, I won’t go there anymore.

This doesn’t change anything in regards of the existing problem of course, it, however, helps me to stay alive. Hopefully. Furthermore there’s not much more that can be done. Koh Tao, like other islands, relies on tourism. So if tourists stay away this might force local authorities to investigate more thoroughly.

Update 23.01.2015: Another dead backpacker had been found on Koh Tao. A 23 year old female British backpacker – cause of death still unknown.

Sascha Funk

Founder / Editor at My-Thai.org
Sascha is the publisher of my-thai.org and switched from an online marketing agency life in Europe to a teaching and education life in Thailand. He also writes about Teaching & Technology.

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