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Startups are quite hip all around Southeast Asia at the moment. Well, they are hip all around the world but ASEAN saw an enormous boom over the past few years thanks to the ASEAN Economic Community coming to real life by the end of this year.

Education  on the other hand doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Especially here in Thailand and in many other parts of Southeast Asia. Current University world rankings only saw NUS and NTU, both based in Singapore, improve while the rest of local Universities dropped significantly. This has to change.

Startup Weekend Education now aims to be the driver for such change!

What is a startup weekend?

What is a Startup Weekend and why should you join?What is a Startup Weekend and why should you join? Listen to former participants and volunteers and learn why they joined and decided to help running Startup Weekend Education ASEAN. #SWEDUASEAN

Posted by Startup Weekend Education Bangkok on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Startup Weekend is a 54 hours event that starts Friday evening with short pitches by those who are interested to present their ideas. Afterwards teams will form and start with the brainstorming for their respective ideas. Saturday & Sunday is usually dedicated to team work while professionals coaches & mentors from all walks of business are present and help teams reach their goals and improve on their ideas. The weekend then ends with a final pitch presentation in front of a big audience with professional investors / judges who then decide on the winner. However it is not only about winning this event but more about participating, getting the right ideas and finding likeminded people to bring along long needed change.

Startups & Education?

How does this startup thing now fit together with education? Easy! Education has been the same for such a long time that it is desperately in need of change. The startup approach is lean and focuses on tangible outcome. This is exactly where the combination makes sense. Disrupting the old ways that got education stuck at where it is now, create new ideas and approaches and change the (educational) world as a result.

Startup Weekend Education Bangkok has been such a big success that the team decided to open the metaphorical borders and invite participants from all over ASEAN to join this unique experience.

If you feel like changing education and leaving your mark on the startup world check Startup Weekend Education ASEAN on Facebook or head over to Eventbrite to sign up right away. Early bird registration ends October 1!

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