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Spoilers for Tham Luang Cave Rescue movie

We all have followed the dramatic cave rescue mission in Thailand and rejoiced when all the kids plus coach were brought to rescue. Such an intense and emotional event obviously screams to be made into a movie and as several outlets already reported, Hollywood producers were even right at Tham Luang cave while the mission was still ongoing. At the time of writing there are several movies in the making – luckily for you, got his hands on a leaked script of the upcoming blockbuster featuring this real life Thai drama.

thailand cave rescue movie
Thailand cave rescue movie

The Cast

As for any realistic and successful movie based on an Asian story the leading role should obviously be played by Matt Damon. Matt Damon will star as the heroic American rescue diver / doctor who stayed with the boys behind in order to have a relatable story to tell as, let’s be honest, 13 Thais trapped in a cave isn’t really something a western audience could get behind.

The female lead will be played by Scarlett Johansson who has experience in acting Asian and hence fits the role of the female reporter that tells the story and, later on, falls for our hero, very well.

In further roles we will see Elon Musk as himself, the heroic inventor who comes in to provide the essential insights that professional Thai & international rescue divers could never have gotten and hence saved the whole mission all by himself.

The 12 Thai kids and their coach will all be portrayed by that actor from Slumdog Millionaire. He will portray all 13 as the lighting in the cave will be dim and the focus will, obviously, be on Matt Damon which gives the actor some extra space to increase his range and portfolio. And they say Hollywood doesn’t put Asians in big roles.

The Storyline

As it should be the movie will, obviously, focus on the most important storyline of the whole event. One could easily think that might be the drama of 13 people being trapped in a cave, close to die or the fact that a ex Thai Navy SEAL died during that mission but that are only side stories. Thankfully Hollywood always finds a way to focus on the most important parts of real events and hence the main attention will be on Matt Damon’s character. We will see flashbacks in which we will learn what brought him to that Thai cave and what, eventually, will lead to him hooking up finding love with the female reporter portrayed by Scarlett Johansson.

While the main focus needs to be on this romantic yet dramatic storyline parts of the movie will focus on the stress that other another main character has to endure as well. The self made billionaire, inventor, and good samaritan, Elon Musk. The movie will show how he, the selfless human he is, didn’t spare a dime and ordered his crew to take old spare parts from his rocket to create a submarine casket.

The Morale

The morale of the story, as it should be, will highlight how important it is that white westerners are there to save the day and provide someone that people in Asia can look up to.

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