Spanish Restaurant Review: Barcelona Gaudi

Hola amigas y amigos! As you might know I’m a big fan of Spanish cuisine and found my favorite Spanish restaurant some time ago down there in Sukhumvit Soi 11. However, as it’s always good to get to know some new places and taste different food, it recently took me to a new (for me) Spanish restaurant that actually is somewhat famous here in Bangkok and is being mentioned most of the time when you ask someone for Spanish food recommendations: Barcelona Gaudi.


The location of this Spanish restaurant is quite convenient quite close to BTS Asok / MRT Sukhumvit / Terminal 21 down in Sukhumvit Soi 23.


Let’s start with the positives here. The food at Barcelona Gaudi is pretty good. There’s not as much of a choice as at other places but the food that you can tastes pretty well. One dish was bit oily, therefore the ‘special’ of the month, Bombes de Barcelona, tasted really good.


The atmosphere at Barcelona Gaudi is, well, ok. It’s not super ‘Spanish’ and not as nicely decorated as other places. It’s also rather small as it is stacked over different floors. The TV screen shows Barcelona related tourism promo material which gets a bit repetitive after a while.


Now the real low point. The staff. We entered with two people and the staff was all but welcoming. After mentioning that I’ve booked via ‘eatigo’, a restaurant booking application, they were even less friendly and attentive. In fact it was probably one of the least attentive staffs I’ve ever encountered in any upscale restaurant in Bangkok.


I interacted with Barcelona Gaudi before via Facebook to make sure my reservation via eatigo was received and have been told that they’d prefer if reservations would be made directly with them which gave off the feeling as if they wouldn’t like customers using booking apps (obviously, as those apps offer discounts, they won’t make as much money with each order – on the other hand, I might not have gotten there at all if not thanks to the app).

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