Songkran Festival – Thai New Year festival – Water festival

It is again the time of the year when Thailand goes crazy! The Thai New Year Festival (Songkran) is almost there and it’s time to get the final preparations done. Since I already talked a lot about Songkran over the past two years let me just give some short links to existing articles here:

For the newbies a very brief (check out the links above for more information) explanation of Songkran:

  • Songkran Festival is the Thai New Years Festival. It’s also known as Water Festival and is being celebrated in other countries in (South East) Asia as well with Thailand taking it the most serious though. 
  • What to expect: Craziness! People will splash, throw, shoot and simply pour water over you. Everywhere. It doesn’t matter if bar, street or noble hotel. There is no way to make it through the day without getting soaked! Furthermore you will get powdered. It’s some cultural thing that you powder the face of people you wish good luck too. So everybody runs around with some kind of white powder in hands and powders the face of others. For good luck of course! 
  • How long does it take? Official holidays are from April 13th (in 2013) To April 17th. In some cities they party 3 days (like real huge parties. People holding parades with trucks full of water & music etc…) in some other areas (like Phuket, Pattaya) they continue partying for a whole week.
  • What to do? Join the celebration and leave your stuff at home. Wear swimming outfit and only take what’s necessary. Everything else will look shitty (or even break) anyways :-)

This year will be my first time in Bangkok during Songkran festival. I’ve heard that the most ‘intense’ experiences might take place in Khaosan Road and Silom Road. Having that said I’ll probably head to either one of those locations for a day to get the ‘full Songkran experience’ and then stay home the rest of the short holidays to recover ;-)

What are your plans for Songkran? If you’re in Bankgok at that time feel free to drop me a line and meet up!

Happy New Year! Sawadee Pee Mai krub!

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