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Songkran 2012 recap

After talking about the background of Songkran, what you can expect and what I experienced last year in Chiang Mai now it’s time to recap Sogkran 2012 in Udon Thani.

As already mentioned I stayed in Udon since chances are quite high I might leave here soon and I simply wanted to see some familiar faces one last time and have fun with the people I learned to like a lot during the past months. Said and done. So here’s the Songkran 2012 recap. Udon Thani style.

In short: 1 broken mobile phone, 1 broken contact lense, 1 extremely dirty backpack, 1 extremely dirty baseball cap, 3 extremely dirty t-shirt and I’m quite sure I still have water in my ear from the second day of Songkran when everything went wild.

In long: Songkran in Udon Thani is quite one dimensional. There are a few main roads where the action is settled (actually it’s the main road around Nong Prajak Park and the road from the park to Central with the area around the park being the main area) and the location at UD Town where sponsored events are held.

Compared to Chiang Mai last year Songkran 2012 was a step back. However I am fairly certain that nothing compares to Songkran in Chiang Mai.

However I had quite some fun when meeting with ex students and hitting the party. When I went there alone at first I had a look at the action from a distance but hanging out with students you, of course, have to be part of the action itself. So we didn’t hesitate long and jumped right onto the main road with all it’s pick up trucks, water pipes, barrels, party stages, dancers, hot and cold water and foam.

Even though I wrapped my telephone into two separate plastic bags (worked last year) i wasn’t able to keep it from dying. Luckily it’s an old phone anyway so it doesn’t hurt that much but still….may it rest in peace my old HTC Magic.

After 2.5 hours full of water splashing, throwing, powdering, walking, running, jumping and laughing we had enough and went back home to dry ourselves and prepare ourselves for the next day since Songkran lasts three days. Wooohoo ;-)

If I wouldn’t be tooooo tired by now I would tell even more – but pictures are better anyways so head over to and check the latest Songkran picture posts. Sawadee Pee Mai!

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