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So this was christmas

So this was christmas in Thailand. Completely different, strange, warm, sunny, with good food and totally without christmas mood.

In order to celebrate christmas I went to Mahasarakham. Since Sina works there, we decided to spent the holy night at her place with good food (Schnitzel, yeah!) and some self made christmas mood. But with 30 degrees and being the only persons around to celebrate the holy night the christmas feeling somehow got lost or never showed up.

christmas camp fire
christmas camp fire

Nevertheless we had a great time, eating Schnitzel, making a camp fire, our own bread, baked potatoes and more. It was a great and fun time – but, as mentioned before, without christmas feelings.

So I hope you folks at home had a nice christmas eve and some great hours with your friends and families. Right now I am looking forward to new year’s eve since this will be celebrated by everybody throughout amazing Thailand :-)

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