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Reminisce Tattoo Bangkok [review]

It took a while but eventually I came across another great tattoo place in Bangkok. This time to actually get some real, new, work done. I went to lots of place to talk with everybody about my ideas and while most places ended up asking me to actually provide the graphics for a base (yeah if I could draw what I want, that’d be awesome, but I’m not an artist) Reminisce actually took the time to listen to me, draw ideas down, listen some more, adjust and then customize it until I was happy.

Reminisce Tattoo hence jumped to the top of my list thanks to being super accommodating, helpful and creative all at once.

Location location location

The location is rather convenient. Less than 5 minutes walk from BTS Phaya Thai. It’s pretty small studio which also leads to you not having to wait much as there won’t be too many people at once. Other studios often have lots of appointments at the same time and even double book and you end up waiting for ages, here that’s not the case what I really appreciated.

Atmosphere & Communication

It’s rather to easy to get in touch with Reminisce. Simply shoot a facebook message and they’ll reply within a day. No problem. at all. Their English is also very well so there’s nothing to be afraid of. Just get in touch and off you go.

In terms of artistic presence I really like it their as the tattoo artist really listens to you, makes sure to understand your idea behind the tattoo and then helps with the brainstorming and though process. Price wise it’s also pretty fair in my opinion and not as expensive as some of the more well known studios so that there’s not much to complain about.

If you want to get in touch with Reminisce, check out their Facebook and shoot them a message.

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