Railey Beach

Railey Beach might be one of the most famous beach names all over Thailand. It’s quite often mentioned equally when talking about Krabi itself. Krabi = Railey. And while there are more beaches around Krabi worth mentioning it is true that Railey is famous and doesn’t get its popularity out of nowhere.

Railey beach
Railey beach (Photo credit: Dave Nicoll)

It’s a very nice and, compared to others, very quiet beach. Nevertheless, due to its fame, it sees a fair share of visitors each and every day and isn’t as idyllic as it used to be. The surrounding is still pretty nice even though all inclusive resorts are now the main form of accommodation around. What still speaks for Railey though: It’s super easy to book tours to all the other famous place such as Phi Phi, Maya Bay, etc. and if you travel with a child it probably is as close as it gets to combine “somehow idyllic” with “child friendly”.

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