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Punrith Muay Thai Gym [review]

While on my muay thai journey I come across new muay thai gyms rather frequently. I don’t always give every single gym a try, but since Punrith Muay Thai Gym is located extremely close to my home turf I decided to give it a try. Here’s my impression.

Atmosphere Punrith Muay Thai

The atmosphere upon walking in is alright. I kind of like the old-school flair that combines some new equipment with lots of old-school stuff. The weight area is a bit fucked up, but not too bad, so that it just has the right vibe to get you ready for a grind.

The ring is a bit small but nice, so are the heavy bags, mats, etc. They even got some battle ropes and a bit of work out equipment there which comes in handy if you’re looking more for a fitness approach rather than just for a fight.

Location Punrith Muay Thai

From my point of view it’s perfectly located, for everybody else it probably isn’t. It’s right off Pradipat Road in Pradipat Soi 15. Easily accessible by car, but if you’re bound to public transport you would need to take the BTS to Saphan Kwai and then walk for 25 minutes or take a motorcycle taxi for 5 minutes (20-30 THB) to the destination.

The gym itself is close to a condo area and hence sees quite a few foreigners and upper class Thais training there. Traffic in the area can get heavy during peak hours (morning, evening).

Coaching at Punrith Muay Thai Gym

I only met one out of two coaches there. The coach was certainly capable of getting you to sweat, the training, however, seems to be more focused on the fitness aspect rather than the fighting aspect. The sessions aren’t that long, the time in the ring is rather by ‘feeling’ than by time. The intensity seems to focus on keeping the heart rate up and, as mentioned before, focuses on fitness, rather than fight preparation and technique. Sessions last appr. one hour and 15 mins as far as I can tell.

Price Punrith Muay Thai Gym

The prices are on the upper side of things. 600 THB for walk in for basically a bit over an hour is tough, especially when the main focus is on cardio. They do have other packages available, so if you’re thinking about going more frequently you can probably get a better deal. For me it was a bit much in regards to what I get for it.

Overall review Punrith Muay Thai Gym

The people there certainly are nice, so no bad words towards them in this regard. I simply think the pricing is a bit a high and, personally, I’m looking more for a fight oriented training than what I got here. I get my cardio and weight training in separately from Muay Thai so I’d rather go to gyms that focus more on the technique and fight prep rather than the fitness aspect.

If you are looking for a place to ‘get fit’ around Pradipat Road / Saphan Kwai this might still be a good place for you to look at. Contact them via Facebook!

Sascha Funk

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Sascha is the publisher of my-thai.org and switched from an online marketing agency life in Europe to a teaching and education life in Thailand. He also writes about Teaching & Technology.

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