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“I like scars” – Interview undefeated pro MMA Fighter Jenny Huang

Ladies and gentlemen, we…are…live! This is the main event and the moment you’ve all been waiting for! After having interviewed a Muay Thai legend and a few Muay Thai champions we are now bringing you another exclusive, and very special,  fighter interview. It’s time!

And now introducing the challenger. Fighting out of the blue corner. This woman is a mixed martial artist. Holding a professional record of 5 wins, 0 losses. Standing at 1.55 m and weighing in at 48 kilograms. Fighting out of Taiwan, representing Martial Armour and taking on Angela Lee on March 11 in Bangkok, Thailand. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the undefeated submission specialist. JENNY, UNPREDICTABLE, HUANG.

First of all, thank you very much for taking your time to do this. I’m quite certain you have lots of commitments to attend to and lots of interview request at the moment so thanks a lot for the opportunity. Also appreciate that you did the interview in English with me. Very cool!

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Alright. Let’s jump right into it. I obviously did my homework and stalked you as much as possible ;-) Right now one of the first things that come up when looking you up online is your super cool finish in your last fight. The gogoplata submission that surprised everyone. How did this happen? It’s certainly not easy to pull off during a fight. Did you practice the set up a lot?

I trained it a lot. Many times, so my body could remember the “Gogoplata”. Actually it isn’t my favorite technique but in that moment it just felt right and seemed to be a good choice. (the fight video has been removed since). 

Usually I introduce my interview partners a bit. How would you introduce yourself? “Hi, I’m Jenny and I can kick your ass”? ;-)

My name is Jenny Huang – “Unpredictable”. If you have watched my prior fights, you understand that every single moment with me is unpredictable.

You are from Taiwan, right? How is it over there with female fighters? Here in Thailand we see many female Muay Thai fighters but still they are mostly not considered equal to their male counterparts. How is that in your home country?

I am not only first female Pro MMA fighter but also only female pro mma fighter from Taiwan. I wish I can inspire more females to chase their dreams and go for it. Every female deserves equal opportunities in our society.

How and when did you start with Martial Arts?

I started with Mixed Martial Arts at three years ago. I went  to a trail class abroad. I then began training when I came back to Taiwan. I learned very fast since I have six years Judo background.

What did you parents say when you said you’re going to fight? Often parents are rather scared when their child decides to do combat sport.

My parents…… My family is a very traditional Chinese family. First of all, they don’t stand by me. I walk alone and I am on my own. That’s good for me though. I try very hard and just want to show them “this is my passion” so please be proud of me.

Were you never scared of getting hurt?

Never, I like it. Especially scars on my body. So cool! Those are a warrior’s tattoos.

[Tweet “”I like the scars on my body. They are a warrior’s tattoo” – Jenny Huang”]

I read a lot about the intense training that is behind the success of a MMA fighter. Could you walk us briefly through a ‘normal’ day?

It’s pretty intense on any given day. Like 70% intensity on normal days and 90% intensity on pre fight days. Pre fight days start when I get a fight invitation.

Is there time for free time, fun and friends? If so, what are you doing when you’re not training. Anything to take your mind off fighting or do you just go and watch more fights?

Normally, I will watch fights on YouTube. I can’t live without MMA. My whole life is based around it. 

How important is the Martial Arts culture for you? Is it important or is it ‘just a sport’?

Martial Art is life! Therefore I will keep learning hard and try to inspire more people.

[Tweet “”Martial Art is life! Therefore I will keep learning hard and try to inspire more people. ” – Jenny Huang”]

Most of the people in competitive sports have some pre-match rituals or some ways to get them psyched an hyped up. Listening to aggressive music, praying, etc. Do you have something like that? And if so, are you superstitious in any way when it comes to fighting?

I pray to Buddha to bless me. I am very nervous when waiting for my fights. I just want to fight immediately. No more waiting and lingering in the fighter’s room.

Alright. Now you’re psyched up, warm and ready to go for your fight. What do you think before such a fight?

I will destroy everything inside the cage.

Talking about training and grinding. How hard is the training? How do you push further?

Sometimes it is so hard that I cry because my coach pushes me to the limit. After the hard training I feel more powerful though.

[Tweet “”Sometimes training is so tough that I cry” – Jenny Huang”]

Do you have a role model? Some kind of idol?

Fedor Emelianenko

Ok, now some more personal questions ;-) Do you trashtalk? Do others trashtalk during the fight?

No, This isn’t my style. I like to be a polite fighter. Those opponents are all my friends. I talked with both April and Angela as a friends.

What’s the worst part of training?

I hate running cause it’s boring. I like to do hard and tough training.

At the press conference in Bangkok you mentioned you also want to show some Kung Fu moves in your bout with Angela, right?

Ya, because I want to be a unique fighter. If I have the opportunity to show everyone, I will do it.

Do you feel sorry when punching your opponent in the face?

No, this is fighting. No one is sorry.

How did you feel when you got hit the first time?

Awesome! I never ever think about the pain at the moment. That situation lets me to know that this is fighting.

Do you build aggression towards your opponent? Like ‘This bi*@$ is going down!’? ;-)

No, I just go my own course. Seeing what will  happen and make the best of it. 

What was your worst injury as of yet?

Uhu…… My injuries are not a big problem.

Do you also follow other promotions? Do you have plans on going to the UFC some time in the future?

My promotion is One Championship therefore I focus on One Championship only. 

What’s your favorite memory and goal as a professional fighter?

I never lost! Therefore my goal is to show whole world who Jenny Huang is.

Awesome! Thank you very much for this interview. Appreciate it and wish you all the best for your upcoming task!

Make sure to follow Jenny on facebook, twitter and instagram and witness Jenny Huang taking on Angela Lee for the Atomweight crown of ONE Championship here in Bangkok on March 11. 

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