Planning a Business Trip and Successful Meeting in BangkokLiving 

Planning a Business Trip and Successful Meeting in Bangkok

A business trip to Bangkok can be an exciting experience from both a personal and professional perspective. You can help to further your career while also interacting with a new culture and immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of a large and bustling city. What should you know before heading there for your next business adventure?

Get to Know Bangkok

While no one is certain how the city got its name, it is believed to be derived from an incorrect translation by foreigners visiting the area in previous centuries. What is known about the city is that it is the capital of Thailand and is one of the most popular destinations for locals. You should be prepared for hot and humid weather throughout the year.

Where to Host a Meeting in Bangkok

Ideally, you will host a meeting in an area that is accessible to everyone coming to your meeting. This means choosing a location along the BTS Skytrain route that goes through most districts in the city. By consulting your Bangkok trip planner, you will learn that Sathorn is the unofficial business district within the city. Therefore, this may be the area in which you can find a meeting room or other space to hold a proper corporate event.

What Kinds of Meeting Rooms Can You Use?

There are many types of meeting room in Bangkok, and your choice will depend largely on who is attending the event and whether it is a serious meeting or a less formal working lunch. A hotel conference room can be an ideal spot if the majority of attendees are actually staying at a particular hotel.

Coworking Spaces can be best for when you want a more creative vibe and want to bounce ideas off of as many people as possible. Generic meeting rooms can be acquired for several hours at a time if you are hosting a lecture or need to make a presentation to investors.

Public parks are worthwhile places to have meetings if your business is a land developing company or another that works largely outdoors. Renting a luxury box at a soccer match or another sporting event creates a social atmosphere that can work in your favor when making a business proposal.

Learning the Cultural Customs in Thailand

There are several customs that you should learn about prior to your business trip to Bangkok. For example, it is important to show respect for the royal family and refrain from making insulting comments or jokes about them. Furthermore, you are required to stop when the national anthem is broadcast twice a day. Failure to do so could result in negative legal consequences.

How to Handle Jet Lag When Visiting Bangkok

A Bangkok trip planner can help you get accustomed to both the cultural differences and the jet lag that you are likely to face. It is recommended that you adjust your wake and sleep schedule to match Bangkok’s local time a day or two before your trip. Alternatively, you can stay awake or take short naps until your body clock is in sync with the local clock.

While you are in Bangkok, it will be essential to understand the local customs and the best ways to get around the city. This can help you plan a meeting that is easy to get to and that can be conducted in a timely manner.

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