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Pizza in Bangkok | Pizza Challenge Part I – Ristorante Da Mamma

This is the start of the My-Thai Pizza Challenge. First up Pizzeria Da Mamma close to MBK. However before we get started a short disclaimer (read the ‘why’ post here): I am not a 5 star gourmet cook, I’m just a huge pizza fan and am looking for a decent Pizza Place here in Bangkok (or Thailand) since the Thai style of Pizza (Pizza Company etc.) really sucks (Ketchup wtf?). So those tests will be totally subjective and biased but definitely not influenced by promotions or similar goodies. All my own opinion.

damamma pizza bangkokLet’s get started with the location. Da Mamma is located in a quiet and a little bit shabby soi close to MBK (see map at the end of the post). If not for my Thai friend (who heard it first from her German friend) I would have never found this place since I would have never looked into that soi. After a short web search about Da Mamma I found out that that’s how it worked for most people. Friends of friends of friends recommend this small six table ristorante. Let’s see if the recommendations are holding up.

[xrr rating=2/5]

The atmosphere in this little Italian style Restaurant is quite ok. Quiet, clean, nicely and not to cheesy decorated. However there’s no music or other entertainment and the waitress and other staff aren’t like you expect them to be in an Italian restaurant. Totally nice though! Just Thai style, not European. Furthermore the dirty workers walked right through the eating area. Nothing that’s very bad but something that just needed to be pointed out when talking about Italian Restaurants or restaurants in general.

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

The prices for Pizza vary from 180 to 360 THB which is quite normal for a Pizza in Bangkok in my opinion. I had a Pizza for around 290 THB.

[xrr rating=2/5]

pizza bangkok da mammaNow down to business. The Pizza itself was indeed italian style. Meaning it had a very thin base and crispy crust. So totally unlike the Thai style pizza. The pizza topping was ok but rare. The taste however was ok. Compared to ‘real’ Pizza in Italy it didn’t stand a chance of course but that’s not surprising since you will probably never find ‘real Italian Pizza’ outside of Italy.

[xrr rating=3/5]

Bottom Line: Definitely much better than Pizza Company or whatever other chain serves Thai style Pizza. However that’s not to hard. Like already mentioned it can’t stand a chance compared to Italian Restaurants in Italy but is there any restaurant outside of Italy that can do that? The place itself is nice and it was a good way to kick things off but for the ‘perfect’ or at least ‘very good’ experience some essentials are missing and at the moment the waitress put ketchup on the table grade A was gone for good ;-)

After all, if you are close to MBK and in the need for a Pizza, this place is definitely ok to go. If you are, like me, on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ Pizza and atmosphere then you should probably look further or simply follow my quest here!

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

To be continued….


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