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Pizza baking with Thai students

As time goes by! The next semester at Udon Thani Vocational College comes to an end and since last term’s ‘cooking adventure’ was such a success I decided to invite my students again to our big college kitchen and cook ‘European food’ with them.

pizza with thai students
pizza with thai students

Last term we focused on German food (Schnitzel and potato salad), this term it was ‘forza Italia’ time. Pizzaaaaa! Now you might say ‘come on, everybody knows Pizza – why do you have to introduce it to students?’ (yeah, that’s how I think you talk while you are reading my articles). Well the answer is easy: Thai Pizza sucks! Pizza in Thailand does not deserve the name at all. The Pizza here is ‘over americanized’ and has nothing to do with fine italian cuisine. Highlight when going to a Thai Pizza place: The Ketchup on top of it.

So, as you can see, there was a good reason to show that Pizza is not only ketchup fastfood – Pizza is more! After explaining what we need for Pizza, some of my students went shopping and brought…well, how should they know better….thai toppings. Thai sausages and thai ham. Having MacGyver as one of my idols this wasn’t a problem though of course. The next shopping highlight: Tomato Sauce…tomato sauce must be translated with ‘ketchup’ into Thai I guess….but hey…more place for MacGyver :)

When everybody was back from shopping we took on the cooking adventure. The dough got the beating of a lifetime (see video on and students had a lot of fun beating the dough down (guess they thought about me).

Afterwards we topped (with sausages, ham, onions,… and egg) the Pizza. While students were quite surprised about the egg idea (‘teacher, really??’) they quite liked it in the end.

I have to admit that the dough wasn’t that much of an italian pizza dough as hoped but the event itself, the explaining with hand and feet and the time spent with my students was worth everything. All in all a great day with some very nice memories!

Pictures of our food adventure can bee seen, of course, on facebook!

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