Pinnacle Grand Jomtien (Pattaya) [review]

A few days ago it was time for another short beach getaway. Due to the current rainy season and limited time Pattaya became the choice since it’s quite close to Bangkok and easy to reach. Here’s the review for the Pinnacle Grand Jomtien that was our home for 2 nights.

Location Pinnacle Grand Jomtien

The location is ok for a resort away from the city. It’s quite off the road down a long alley and therefore difficult to reach via bus or van. If you want to go there by yourself you would have to take a van to Sathahip and ask the driver to stop at Soi 8 in Pattaya (Na Jomtien Soi 8). From there you either walk 2 km down the road or try to find a taxi / motorcycle that will take you down.

If you head to Pattaya city you could try to get a Minibus (Song Teaw) from there and then again try to get a motorcycle / taxi down the road.

The hotel says they have pick up services a few times per week but when we inquired they said they won’t always sent the pick-up car, only if there are enough guests wanting to go from the hotel to the city. #FAIL.

Besides that it’s quite quiet there which is a plus of course.

Beach at Pinnacle Grand Jomtien

Not too clean, not too soft. Just ok. The sea is quite unclear, one could even call it dirty at times. The private beach that belongs to the Pinnacle is quite small and full of chairs and huts and not very idyllic. The view at the beach is bothered left and right by the skylines of Jomtien and Pattaya which takes away quite a bit of the relaxing beach feeling that one aims for.

Pool and surrounding at Pinnacle Grand Jomtien

The pools, both of them, are quite nice at Pinnacle. The smaller one is close to the restaurant and not deep at all but nice to relax or to play for children, the bigger one is quite standard but allows you to swim a bit and offers a relaxed atmosphere.

Staff at Pinnacle Grand Jomtien

The staff that works around the hotel seemed nice. We didn’t have much interaction with them but every time we did interact, it was easy and friendly. The staff that works the telephone however disappointed even before arrival since the conversation (asking for possible pick-up service from Pattaya city) on the phone wasn’t friendly and helpful. The check-in staff did her job, but not much more. Before we could check-in we were asked to wait for a moment and then were forgotten upon which isn’t what you would expect from such a hotel.

Wifi at Pinnacle Grand Jomtien

It comes and goes. Not very stable. It was quite bad in our room while it worked ok at the beach (weird enough) and not at all at the pool area. Overall not a good experience since it obviously should work well in your room.

The room at Pinnacle Grand Jomtien

The room was clean and tidy. No mosquitoes or anything. The bed was comfortable, the sheets clean etc. All fine. The balcony was also ok, not too comfy but fine. Same goes for the bathroom. A minus here however for the fact that the typical Thailand ‘water (bum) gun’ was missing (at all restrooms across the hotel). Also the shower wasn’t very stable. The shower head always moved and couldn’t be fixed plus the water was either too hot or too cool. This probably relates to old age of the rooms and facilities. Nevertheless it was clean and hence ok. The aircon on the other hand was a bit problematic. Again either it cooled too much or not enough which could be a bit annoying during the night.

Breakfast at Pinnacle Grand Jomtien

The breakfast was good. Enough choices for everyone. Fresh eggs and omelettes, etc. All fine. The only thing that always annoys me with most hotels though also happened here: Why can’t they get ‘real’ juice instead of this syrup stuff? Sure it’s more expensive but then save money somewhere else and have less fancy towels or bathroom accessories.

Pictures of Pinnacle Grand Jomtien

Overall our stay was certainly ok and it was fine for what it was but I wouldn’t come back to Pinnacle Grand Jomtien and I also wouldn’t recommend it since I’m sure there’d be other places in a similar price range that offer just the same or even more comfort and better service.


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