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North-Eastern Thailand Vocational College Championships

Day number 4 of the North-Eastern Vocational College Exhibition hosted by our college. While the upcoming two days are more an exhibition style, the past three days have been all about competition. The North-Eastern Thailand Vocational College Championships 2011 took place and showed some great and impressive skillsets as well as some funny failures and emotional victories.

North-Eastern Thailand Vocational College Championships
North-Eastern Thailand Vocational College Championships

I do not have the time and the ability to write about all competitions that took place. I really tried to see as many as possible but had to focus on the ones with my students in it. And even this wasn’t always possible since many of the competitions took place at the same time. So here is just a short round up of what I’ve seen and heard. If something is missing, feel free to describe it in the comments.

One of the first contests I was able to see was the ‘Thai Pop Song & Dancing’ competition. Like most contests it was divided into ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ sections. The boys kicked it off and, well, I think our performance pretty much rocked. However I have to say that I still have trouble understanding Thai in songs (to fast, slang) and I can’t judge the quality of the content and if it was correct or not. The show itself however was pretty cool. Our singer appeared like Michael Jackson (or Usher if you want) some of your amazing cheerleaders helped out with dancing and put some acrobatic moves on stage.

Another competition related to singing and dancing happened later on. The ‘Thai country singing & dancing competition‘ I do not have any footage of this since this isn’t quite the style of entertainment I like. Sorry for that ;-)

The next competition I saw as spectator was the ‘International (English) Song competition‘. And well, what can I say, we kicked ass! While our male competitor struggled with his second song (I don’t want to miss a thing by Aerosmith – it was just toooo high – probs for trying though!) the smallest contestant showed that it doesn’t need a big body for a big voice. After singing a Charice song in the first round she nailed it with LeAnn Rimes’ song ‘Can’t fight the moonlight’. That’s how you make your teacher proud. Not because of the victory (which is nice of course) but because of the way she performed. Going out, giving the best, having fun. That’s all it takes. Great job!

Besides the contests it was also quite nice to see my hotel and tourism students working (serving food & beverages).

But coming back to the skills competitions. There was more than singing of course. For example thai dancing (don’t ask me what style exactly).

thai dancing at North-Eastern Vocational College Championships

A further competition was the ‘Rock Music Contest‘. The bands really showed some nice skills rocking the smaller stage and sometimes even gathered way more people around here than in front of the main stage. Rock’s not dead!

Moreover there have been contests in Cooking, Tourism (we won two of three contests in this category and became second in the third one. yeah!), Thai manners, boyscouting, country & local traditions, singing and dancing and theEnglish & Chinese speech contest (first time for me to be a judge) and at least 30 or so more of them.

judging english speech competition

One of the last challenges was the bartending challenge with quite some nice moves and impressive choreographies. Tom Cruise could have become jealous.

Bar-Tending Challenge competitors

The last competition was the final of the first one. Thai pop singing and dancing and it kicked of with some more action and step-up like moves – and awesome hair of course!
shake ya head!

Finally the official opening ceremony took place (when actually everything was already done – but it was friday night!), our director welcomed everybody, many important people were walking around – so time for me to go. However it was a nice event and I was quite impressed sometimes. Thanks to the staff and the students who made this event such a success. You rock!

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