Nong Real Seafood – Restaurant on Koh Larn

A better choice compared to the Puang Phayom restaurant that we tried before. It’s a bit further away from the action but therefore food is better and the staff is much nicer.


It’s rather quiet there and since it’s a bit further away from the ‘centre’ it’s less likely to get really noisy. It offers some kind of sea view even though it’s not immediate (see the pictures below) but overall it has a rather chilled vibe to it which is nice while on a quick beach getaway.


The food tastes well, the variety is good and you got lots of dishes to chose from. The majority is seafood os if you’re into seafood, that’s your place to go.


It’s not cheap but you don’t expect that at a big restaurant on an island in Thailand. The taste is good and sizes are decent.


Staff is quite nice and attentive. Nothing to complain about. Overall rather nice.

Sascha Funk

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