Netflix (& Chill) comes to Thailand – leaves English teachers without pick-up line

TV station’s most wanted, Netflix, made an earth shaking announcement yesterday when it launched its service in over 130 additional countries worldwide. This leads to Netflix, the biggest internet TV provider, now being ‘basically available everywhere but China’.

Netflix now available in Thailand

Thanks to the fact that the single gateway isn’t in place yet and that most people in the ICT office probably don’t know Netflix yet, it is also available in Thailand. Yippie Kay Yay!

Even better: You can check netflix with a free month to see whether or not the service is something you like. With starting plans at 280 THB it really might be worth considering to stop using torrents at work. That’s only one affect of netflix now being available though. There’s more to it that probably lots of people didn’t think about yet. How inconsiderate!

netflix thailand

Netflix & Chill – kills English teachers’ pick-up lines

Until recently the term “Netflix & Chill”, which is often used by adolescents and wannabe youngsters to refer to casual sexual encounters at home, wasn’t really “a thing” here in Thailand since Netflix wasn’t available and hence the term did not make sense. Not having the possibility to refer to sex as ‘netflix and chill’ obviously left lots of young men without sexual experience and played well into the hands of  foreign “English teachers” (quotation marks used on purpose) all across the country. Those poor (mostly) men with no real degree who were unable to find work at home and solely relied on their foreign (native speaker) passport to get a job (and cats) here in Thailand perfected the pick-up line: “I can teach you…English….” to an extend that many people state this was the hardest part of their TEFL (aka PFSEITT, Preparation for sexual encounters in Thailand Test) test. Once they were able to utter those words in a slightly Marvin Gay’esqe way (thx to Burno Mars for reminding us of that) they were good to go and try it out in the wilderness of the Thailands South and / or North-East.

netflix and chill thailand

Now with Netflix being readily available in Thailand this unique pick-up line loses a lot of its magic since teenagers across the country who love American sayings are now more likely to fall for the Netflix & Chill line than for the often quite creepy “I can teach you English” line. Another example how new media kills traditional media! First Playboy, now this!

Besides that conservatives are also concerned that Netflix will not only bring lots of movies and TV shows to Thailand but also will lead to more sex in younger years. They say that nobody in Thailand ever talked about ‘chill’ and hence it never happened and this big American company is now bringing all those bad behaviors to the country of innocence.

What’s your take on Netflix being available across the globe? If you’re an English teacher, will you adapt your pick-up line?

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