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Music Interview with Fellow Fellow

Music interview time again here on my-thai.org! This time with a band that I saw live as the (good! not the bad one!) opening act for Pentatonix in Bangkok, Fellow Fellow!

Who are you?

Kow: Hi guys, we are ‘fellow fellow’! I am Kow (Panithi Letudomthana) and I am the Lead Vocal.

Tee: Hi! I am Tee (Pisanu Hathaipantalux) and I’m the Guitarist.

Where are you from? Born and raised in……….?

We are both born and raised in Bangkok.

What are you doing here? Besides music.

Kow: I am only focusing on music, such as song writing, creating melodies and performing.

Tee: Besides music, I am also doing product design which I studied from the University.

What is your background? Studies? Work?

We were in Faculty of Arts and Applied arts at Rangsit University and majoring in Product Design.

What is the best thing about BKK? What is the worst? (always get asked this question on my website)

Kow: One of the best things about Bangkok is that it covers a multitude of diverse Thai people from many provinces which creates many choices for local cuisine. Having northern food and southern Thai food here is great! The worst thing is our traffic jam indeed. The traffic is always bad in Bangkok especially in the morning before work and evening after work. And sometime it’s blocked all day!

Tee: Street food is the best in Bangkok! It has various of foods. However, foreigners may not be familiar to the spiciness since Thai restaurants abroad are very mild.

Where would you want to live if not BKK? Why?

Kow: I would like to move to Khao Yai, near by the mountain and good air. Sometimes I would like to escape the chaos from Bangkok.

Tee: I want to move to Nhong Kai because it’s peaceful. I can relax there without the pollution from a big city.

fellow fellow interview
fellow fellow interview

Alright, enough with the background, let’s get down to the music questions:

When did you start with music? What was your first instrument?

Kao: I liked to sing since I was young. Later, I started to focus on my vocal skills during my University studies. My first instrument was the guitar because I liked to compose songs.

Tee: My first instrument was the violin. I played it when I was in high school. I learned to play the guitar later on.

How often do you practice?

We practice regularly, but will intensify our practices before we go on stage to do shows.

Is this your only project or do you also play in other projects/ bands? When did you found this band? How did you find each other?

We formed ‘fellow fellow’ while in the third year of university. We studied at the same place and liked the same style of music. We just clicked and decided to create ‘fellow fellow’.

How would you describe your music?

Our music is Pop with the hint of Soul and Funk.

Did you always play that style? Or did you start with other genres? How did you end up doing what you do now?

We started with just pop and then develop some elements of Soul and Funk.

When did you start to perform? Do you like performing? (lots of songwriters I met don’t like it)

We started to perform right before we released our first single. Our first performance was at a university event. We like writing song as much as performing because we think it’s compatible to each other. We feel really good when we get a chance to perform our songs for the audience.

Where can we see you perform? Do you have a venue where you play more often?

We play at different places each time. Now, we are in the process of making new singles. Stay tuned for our upcoming gigs.

What was your coolest / biggest / best performance so far?

Our coolest and biggest performance were when we performed at Sonic Bang and when we opened for Pentatonix. These two concerts were big events and we prepared for it intently so we could give our best performance. We hope the audience enjoy it as much as we did!

What’s your biggest success until now?

Tee: Every single we have released climb up to top 5 spots which it’s our big success. For me, I once played guitar support for Lenka which was one of my best moments

Kao: For me, being an artist is my biggest success already! It was my childhood dream to become an artist and perform our music.

fellow fellow interview

Who is your favorite musician? Your biggest influence?

Tee: I like P.O.P (a band from Bakery music with the lead singer Nop Pornchumni). They are our inspiration.

Kao: I like to listen to The Beatles. They are legend! For inspiration, it is Boy Trai Bhumiratna, a Thai artist with a unique sound.

Is there anyone you would want to collaborate with?

We would like to work with our influencer, Boy Trai Bhumiratna. Not only is he a great artist, but also a great song writer as well. We also want to learn from him. Moreover, we want to cooperate with Kor Notapol, the bassist of ‘Groove Rider’. He is brilliant and has lots of great ideas.

Final questions. Now that we talked about your background and your music. Let’s talk

briefly about the future.

What are your plans for the future?

We will keep producing songs and perform as much as we can. It is what we love! We think this is the start of us as an artist.

What’s your biggest dream? In music as well as in general.

Tee: It would be great if we could have a concert at Impact Arena! This is one of my dream!

Kao: People like our music and enjoy it. This is also one of our biggest dream!

Famous last words

Kao: I would like to give a word to young artist. Dream on! Keep doing what you love and don’t give up!

Tee: Also, catch up on our news, upcoming gigs or singles in our Facebook page www.facebook.com/fellowfellowpage. Thanks!

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