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Muay Thai Gear Review: Yokkao Airtech Carbon Neon Green shorts

As I always wanted to be able to throw some beautiful flying knees I obviously had to buy those shorts as pictured above as I expected to be able to copy Singdam’s style right away after putting them on. I won’t go into much detail on whether or not that actually worked out but I can certainly give you a review of that shorts.

Why did I buy those shorts? Mainly because of the ‘airtech’ name to it as they promise to dry faster and be more breathable. Since I sweat a lot I thought it might be worth checking out those shorts and hence decided to invest a bit more.

The official stats on the Yokkao Online Shop, which loads ridiculously slow, are as follows:

  • Yokkao Muay Thai boxing shorts
  • New Airtech Carbon model
  • Easily washable
  • Quick drying
  • Comfortable use for Muay Thai, K-1 and competitions
  • Handmade in Thailand

Let’s start with the delivery: I’m based in Bangkok and yet it took 23 days and two email reminders to get those shorts delivered. If you want to put a positive spin on that you’d say ‘room for improvement’. Same goes for email response time by the way.

The quality itself is a bit weird then. They certainly dry faster as they are made from some synthethic fabric that, and I don’t like to say it, feels a bit cheap. It’s not a typical swimming shorts fabric but something that feels a bit more ‘plastic’ in my opinion. It’s still lighter than your average, cheaper, Muay Thai shorts but I expected something else. Also, once wet, it becomes a little bit see-through-ish so you better wear some dope underwear under it.

In order for people to not mistake me with Singdam when wearing those shorts I had them customized with the my-thai.org writing on them. That looks a bit half-assed to be honest. However that’s in line with most customized shorts I’ve seen here but, again, this is Yokkao, THE upperclass Muay Thai brand, so I expected better.

The fit is rather nice though. I like the style with the open side which gives you quite a lot of flexibility. But that’s what they do with other shorts too I believe. Nevertheless that’s a + compared to my prior shorts.

Overall the shorts are quite ok and as I had a discount code for Yokkao I was happy to give it a try. I’m not sure if the shorts are worth the original price of 2,000+ THB but I’m happy I have them now and they will certainly be on heavy rotation from now on.

Sascha Funk

Founder / Editor at My-Thai.org
Sascha is the publisher of my-thai.org and switched from an online marketing agency life in Europe to a teaching and education life in Thailand. He also writes about Teaching & Technology.

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