MTV EXIT comes to Udon Thani – End Human Trafficking

Update. Due to a fatal accident on the stage site the event had to be postponed. New date: May 24th.

MTV Exit – The MTV foundation that tries to End Exploitation and Trafficking brings another huge (and free) concert to Southeast-Asia. This time it will be, you might have guessed it, in Thailand. Not in Bangkok though – MTV Exit goes where it is needed – to the northeastern part of Thailand. To Udon Thani to be precise.

The concert will be on March 15th (Udon Thani Football Stadium – free tickets at Central Plaza) and features some of Thailand’s (and Southeast Asia’s) biggest acts such as Bodyslam, Project E.A.R., Slot Machine, Mild, Cells and Kai Overdance.

The official summary of the press release states the following:

MTV EXIT today announced the full line-up for “MTV EXIT Live in Udon Thani”, a free concert on 15 March to educate young people about the dangers of human trafficking. Multi-platinum artist Bodyslam will join top bands from around the ASEAN region, including Project E.A.R.

With Southeast Asia still being a hotspot or hub for human trafficking – yes, even in 2014, this topic deserves all the attention it can get. Even though we are supposed to live in a civilized world by now Human Trafficking still happens on a daily basis and Southeast Asia faces tens of thousands of human trafficking cases each year. Therefore I can’t urge everyone enough to join the fight to EXIT – End Exploitation and Trafficking.

If you are interested in the topic, read up on it on the MTV Exit website, join the fight and the concert in Udon Thani. Definitely a cause worth supporting.

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